2014 and BC’s Future with Ryan Day with the DazzleBone Option Offense:

The Dazzler has said he wants the Option offense for BC’s future. I call it the DazzleBone!

The Dazzler stated he wants his option QB to be able to pass first and run second and is recruiting hard to fit that very special and unique set of QB talents and athleticism

If you are a fan of many teams like Oregon, Texas A&M, FSU, Clemson and so many others, this dynamic read option offensive style has many great players like Manziel, Mariota, Boyd and Winston, (and there are more), are they very special option type QB’s, or QB’s who can also probably succeed in any kind of offense.

The QB can hand off to the either one or even two RB’s, run himself, stop and pass, or just pass and even then scramble and that is why these teams with these QB’s at Oregon (2), A&M (3), FSU (6) and Clemson (14) have such high total offense balance and these above National ratings since defending them is a nightmare.

Any BC fan would love to have our freshman Walsh, or any new recruit be that special Option guy, and even Lowrie or Lommen, and the latter two may be pro-style or not strict option QB guys, and also we have Bordner or Sunstrup.

Even the NFL is into the new craze with Kapernick, Wilson and RG3, but to a lesser extent now since the NFL has players with a higher level of defensive speed and NFL QB’s get hit and hit hard and Head Coaches would rather see them run sparingly. The NFL option running is lessening now with each huge QB hit, since some killer players could care less about being fined, if they can obliterate a QB.

Any read option QB has to have the highest level of intelligence and in-game decision making besides being the quickest, smartest, fastest and best athlete running with a great arm and passing skills.

Most offensive coordinators love these guys since they turn busted runs and covered pass plays into instant magic with their blazing speed and escape abilities and passing skills on the run.

Most offensive coordinators are mostly Dunsels with option QB’s since every play can be changed on the fly and the QB runs the show. (A Dunsel is a moving part with no function).

This is not to say some OC’s do not make the original play call, mentor, help with footwork or passing mechanics and other leadership or game film study, but when you have these QB guys, their spectacular athletic running speed and passing skills can erase most mistakes or turn play calling success into greatness.

This is why Ryan Day may be very successful in the future at BC since the play calling for option QB’s leaves a higher percentage of the play decision making to the QB in the instant read dynamics and the QB can use his speed and skills to overcome any defense.

Ryan Day doesn’t have the training or was mentored by great Offensive Coordinators, and none were Option Coordinators. If our Option QB is not successful and at least has the threat of the pass, then the burden of play calling shifts more heavily to Ryan Day.

And there-in lies the rub?

If our next Option QB can’t handle the new offense, and we can’t recruit the other support and key option offense players, is Ryan Day ready for "that switchback option" in 2014 whereas, our Option QB fails, and we end up changing back, (very doubtful in my opinion), or my guess, BC may have some real as expected normal growing pains.

My guess is Ryan Day is here for a long time and BC may have the Wake Forest 2013 implementation growing pain issues next year for our first half, (hopefully not!), but the DazzleBone is here to stay and hopefully a smash from the first snap!

Wake Forest and Tanner Price figured it out versus NC State and Tanner passed for 268 and ran 18 times for 82 yards. Thank God it took 6 games and BC played them when their Option offense was not in sync in the opener and almost lost that game!

If Ryan is not successful, or continues his erratic and failure play calling in the next 7 games, let’s hope that under the hiring guise of a QB coach or consultant, the Dazzler gets him some serious booth calling help with any type of offense next year, (most likely the DazzleBone), and a possible mentor for the new Option QB.

An aforementioned superstar QB like the 4 listed above, may make the Option Offense switchover moot, but since the next option QB is an unknown in a new offense, I would be taking out some insurance.

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