Chase Rettig: It's Time to Go



Mr. Rettig, you're a senior. You've been at the helm of this Boston College offense for almost 4 years. You have more experience than nearly every player on this team. Yet, every time I watch you, your performances become more painful to watch. If I didn't know any better, I would say that today's game versus North Carolina was your first career start. Fifty seven yards, Mr. Rettig, fifty seven yards. How do you explain that?

I don't think that the coaching staff, team, and fans are asking the world from you. BC is a running team. That's our identity, that's what the team is good at, that is the strong suit of the offense. Nobody is asking you to perform like AJ McCarron here. All we wanted was a good quarterback who knows what he's doing and can make plays when he needs to. And, Mr. Rettig, you have failed. Miserably.

You, Mr. Rettig, have displayed none of the characteristics that a veteran quarterback should own, be it leadership, composure, poise, or even gracefulness. There are several flaws in your mechanics and performance that have led not only to your personal failure, but also to the failure of this team. A major issue is that you hold on to the ball far too long before either: 1) throwing it for an incompletion, 2) falling down for a sack, or as we saw against Clemson 3) fumbling the ball, resulting in scores for the opponent. A majority of the sacks allowed aren't even the offensive line's fault. How long are you going to make them hold out for you, Mr. Rettig? This is one of the most proficient lines you could have, and you have wasted their efforts to protect you.

I have also realized, Mr. Rettig, that maybe it's not the lack of depth at wide receiver that is the problem, but perhaps lack of proficiency at quarterback. If you did not telegraph your throws to Amidon each and every time you attempt a pass, the other receivers would actually have decent stats. Maybe they are open, Mr. Rettig, but you fail to realize it because you seem to think that there is only one eligible receiver on the field.

Andre Williams is certainly doing his part this season. What are his numbers, you ask? He has rushed for 1,010 yards on 183 times and has found the end zone eight of those times. Those are some of the most impressive numbers in the country, few backs can say that they are as accomplished as Williams this season. On the contrary, nearly every quarterback in college football can boast better performances than yours. I've seen more seasoned, poised, and accurate throws from Angel Santiago and AJ Schurr, Army's quarterbacks who run the option. They pass the ball no more than seven times per game, yet still manage to perform better than you in almost every aspect of the game.

Mr Rettig, what do you want your legacy at Boston College to be? What mark would you like to leave on the program as you move forward? Well it doesn't matter, because you have no legacy at the moment. Within five or six years, people will hardly remember your name. If you have any legacy at all, it will be for guiding BC to some of its worst performances in its history. Is that what you want, Mr. Rettig?

Mr Rettig, you have been the quarterback of Boston College for four years. I think you have had more the enough time to develop and mature at your position. I don't want to hear about how many offensive coordinators you've had to encounter, that is a crap excuse. The reality of the situation is that you are not good, Mr. Rettig. Plain and simple. So as you head into your last four games as a Boston College Eagle, step up. Step up or stand down, Mr. Rettig. Your seniority no longer matters. What matters is your performance, and your performance is not adequate. Step up, or stand down. In the mean time, Bordner will start warming up. Maybe that will get you to realize that you're not getting the job done. Step up, or stand down.

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