"The Book" Top 20 - week of 10/26/13

Florida State rises to #1, Clemson slips to 13, Eagles +5 at Heels this Saturday.

As happens very often with the Book, there are major shifts in positioning from week to week. This week, Florida State rides its romp of Clemson to pass Oregon and take over #1 in the latest poll. This is the second week of the season (week of 9/28/13 being the other) that the Noles have sat in the one slot.

The other side of the coin then would be Clemson, who fell from 8 to 13 and would be a 15 point underdog on a neutral field if the teams were to play again.

The biggest gain of the week was Arizona State who rode the trouncing of Washington to move from #14 to #8 as well as Oregon State who debuts for the year at #14.

New teams in this week include: Texas Tech, BYU and Oregon State. Teams that fell out: Michigan State, Florida and UCLA.

  1. Florida State 6-0
  2. Alabama 7-0
  3. Oregon 7-0
  4. Baylor 6-0
  5. Wisconsin 5-2
  6. Ohio State 7-0
  7. Missouri 7-0
  8. Arizona State 5-2
  9. Stanford 6-1
  10. LSU 6-2
  11. Louisville 6-1
  12. Nebraska 5-1
  13. Clemson 6-1
  14. Oregon State 6-1
  15. Miami FL 6-0
  16. Texas A&M 5-2
  17. South Carolina 5-2
  18. BYU 5-2
  19. Boise State 5-2
  20. Texas Tech 7-0
others receiving votes: Auburn, Florida, Texas and UCLA

BC checks in at #63 this week,down three spots from a week ago. They rose one spot in the ACC though, up to #8. Yeah, this does look a bit off doesn't it..with one win North Carolina and Duke higher (Carolina much higher...prove it wrong BC!!) than most would imagine.
  1. Florida State 7-0
  2. Clemson 6-1
  3. Miami 6-0
  4. Georgia Tech 4-3
  5. Virginia Tech 6-1
  6. Duke 5-2
  7. North Carolina 1-5
  8. Boston College 3-3
  9. Wake Forest 4-3
  10. Syracuse 3-4
  11. Maryland 5-2
  12. Pittsburgh 4-2
  13. NC State 3-3
  14. Virginia 2-5
The book had an atypically great week with picking against the spread last week. As mentioned last week, in general most weeks are between 45% and 54% winners, but this week was stellar 27-16 .628 with 4 games having the same spread as Vegas. For the year then, 188-161-6 .538 and 22 games the same. Quite solid!
This week's Top 20 and ACC picks...the Eagles being 5 point underdogs in Chapel Hill. Also worth noting, how many games are within 1/2 to 1 point of the opening Danny Sheridan spreads...really close this week.

  • at North Carolina 5 Boston College
  • Georgia Tech 14 at Virginia
  • Clemson 11 at Maryland
  • at Virginia Tech 8 Duke
  • Pittsburgh E at Navy
  • at Miami 15 Wake Forest
  • at Florida State 36 North Carolina State
TOP 20 (non ACC)
  • at BYU 3 Boise State
  • at Texas A&M 12 Vanderbilt
  • at Alabama 26 Tennessee
  • at Oregon 17 UCLA
  • at Oklahoma 2 Texas Tech
  • at Stanford 6 Oregon State
  • at Missouri 9 South Carolina
  • Baylor 29 at Kansas
  • Nebraska 12 at Minnesota
  • Louisville 20 at South Florida
  • at Ohio State 15 Penn State
Finally a little thing I call the Book Mendoza line. Like baseball, the mark defining batter futility has been known as the Mendoza line or anything below .200 based on former Pirate, Ranger and Mariner infielder Mario Mendoza's career batting average in the late 70s.
The Book Mendoza line then defines the worst of the worst, the bottom feeders, the ESPN Bottom 10 (without the dreaded five spot) or any team that rates below the 100 mark.

Here then are the worst of the worst

-114 Louisiana Tech -115 New Mexico -116 UTEP -117 UMass -118 Western Michigan -119 Southern Mississippi -120 Miami OH -121 Georgia State -122 Florida International -123 Eastern Michigan -124 Idaho -125 New Mexico State

That's right, your Eagles get what is currently the worst team in America in a few weeks...if that isn't a win, not sure what would be. Which brings me to the final point of the do the Eagles get bowl eligible.
Needing 3 of the last 6, based on the book spreads today, the Eagles would wind up 5-7 on the year.
  • at North Carolina 5 Boston College
  • Virginia Tech 4 at Boston College
  • Boston College 24 at New Mexico State
  • at Boston College 8 North Carolina State
  • at Maryland 2 Boston College
  • at Syracuse 3 Boston College
Let's see how it plays out and have a great week!
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