Update On 2013-14 Boston College Basketball Recruiting


This was a combination of information retrieved by a number of different users on EagleOutsider and elsewhere. I just compiled it together for this post. If you have any information that should be added, add it to the comments and I'll update the post.

With the 1-3 start in the ACC, (hopefully 2-3 after tonight's Maryland game) many posters have expressed concern that next year's recruiting class will not help solve the major problems with BC's squad which for many is front-court depth and interior defense.

If you are not familiar with our recruiting class, the two players joining BC next year both play small forward:

Committed Players

Alex Dragicevich, 6-foot-7 Small Forward - Transferred from Notre Dame

Alex is known for his shooting and has been sitting out this year as a transfer. He's been able to practice with the team however and should be ready to contribute in the 2013-2014 season.

Garland Owens, 6-foot-5 Small Forward

Garland is known more for his athleticism than his basketball skills. He can jump out of the gym and is a player that is supposed to be able to guard the 2, 3 and 4. Here's the recap on him.

Both should contribute at some level next year but many are hoping for some more commits for this class in order to better compete for a tournament bid next year.

Sam Donahue, 6-foot-1 Shooting Guard (Recruited Walk-on)

This is a guy I forgot in the first iteration of this post. Sam Donahue is a recruited walk-on that BC has picked up. He is supposed to be one of the best shooters in New England and a legitimate D1 talent passing up some lower mid-major offers. He should provide depth at the guard position and at the very least, competition in practice.

Here's his video:

Potential Recruits

While both of these players should be able to contribute to the rotation at some level next year, many are asking for another big body or two to be recruited for this year. This post is meant to get a list together of the players that BC is currently looking at to fill out their class this year. Here are the players I've heard they are looking at:

Travis Jorgenson, 6-foot-0 Point Guard - Decomitted from Missouri

Travis is a PG with a high basketball IQ. While he is not the most athletically gifted player, he uses the most of his ability and also possess a nice 3 point jumper. He is supposed to be more of a floor general type and is currently running the point for New Hampton, a team that also features Noah Vonleh (and formerly Olivier Hanlan.)

After de-committing from Missouri, BC is solidly in the mix for the PG. Here is Travis on his recruitment on ZagsBlog:

"I like the relationship with Creighton," he said. "I like the way they play, fast tempo. I love BC, because they’ve been getting better every year, and all the coaches at Georgia Tech are really nice. I’m just trying to figure out the best situation."

Highlight Video:
ESPN: 44th PG, 73 Rating
Rivals: 31st PG, 138th overall
Competition: Creighton, Georgia Tech

Rashard Kelly, 6-foot-7 Combo Forward

Rashard is the starting PF for Massanutten Military Academy, which is the #1 ranked prep team in the country this year. He has apparently grown two inches in the past year and has embraced the move from SF to PF. While still learning down low, he's supposed to be athletic and a good rebounder. He's also been lauded as a hard worker.

Right now, Rashard is debating whether to stay in the 2013 or take a post-grad year. The general opinion is that BC is the choice if he decides to remain in this class. BC Garland Owens is also his teammate and has apparently been telling him he needs to come to BC.

Here's the latest articles on Kelly:

"They want us to come in next year and try to change the culture around the system," Kelly said of B.C. "Right now they have a lot of shooters and they don’t really go at it. They’re kind of soft. If I go there, they want us to mix up the culture and bring in, not that rough lifestyle, but we’re not afraid of anything."

In addition to coaches like Cheeks, the 6’7, 220-pound Virginia native also has one of his friends and teammates recruiting him. "[Class of 2013 small forward] Garland [Owens] is telling me Boston College is a perfect fit for me; he’s one of my closest friends at Massanutten," Kelly added. "He tells me every day how I need to come to Boston College. He’s persuading me quite a bit."

Kelly plans on deciding whether he’ll commit and go to college next year or reclassify and take a post-grad year in the spring. Although there are no schools in particular he hopes gets involved with him, he would like more ACC and Big East programs to recruit him.

Highlight Videos: (see 3 minute mark)
Rivals: N/A
Competition: Post-Grad Year, Old Dominion, George Mason, Delaware

Karem Kanter, 6-foot-7 Power Forward

Karem just recently re-classified for the 2013 Class. He is a big body who can play inside and out. He plays for the New England Playaz AAU team and is the younger brother of Utah Jazz forward Enes Kanter. He has an offer from BC and Pittsburgh apparently just offered.

Here is the article on his offer from BC:

And a quote from an ESPN article:

Kerem Kanter reclassifies: Back in December, during the BasketBull Hoops Fest, Wilbraham & Monson forward Kerem Kanter landed scholarship offers from Boston College and Pittsburgh.

On Friday, through Twitter, he announced he would reclassify and join the Class of 2013.

"I just thought it was time to move up," said Kanter. "I felt like I will be ready by the time next year comes."

Kanter, the younger brother of Utah Jazz center Enes Kanter, says he will decide on a college sometime in April. The 6-foot-7 forward is still working on visits, but intends on taking several before he makes a commitment. He listed Miami (Fla.), Auburn, Tulsa, and Drexel as other schools involved in his recruitment.

Kanter has been impressive this season for Wilbraham & Monson with his footwork and ability to score around the basket. Due to the size of the Titans, Kanter has also been able to step away from the basket and show off his shooting touch.

He joins Kamali Bey as WMA seniors still on the board.

Highlight Videos:
Rivals: N/A
Competition: Pittsburgh (main competition), Miami, Auburn, Tulsa, Drexel

Darryl Reynolds, 6-foot-8 Power Forward

Darryl seems to be the fall-back big man option right now for BC. He is an interior presence who is a banger and rebounder. He currently plays at Worcester Academy since transferring from Lower Merion in Philadelphia.

The latest article on him from NEHoopNews and his quote on interest:

Boston College (who was in attendance), Providence, and Arizona State have all shown interest at some point, according to Reynolds. He currently holds offers from St. Bonaventure, Rhode Island, Fairfield, along with several oher A10 and mid majors.

"I'm new to the scene," said the 6-foot-8 forward. "I'm not worried about the whole college thing. I'm not going to make my decision until April."

"There's a lot of schools floating around. None of that matters, I just need to keep playing my game."

Highlight Videos:
ESPN: 73 Rating
Rivals: N/A
Competition: Probably ours if we offer soon. Offered by half the A-10

Class Distribution

This was the in the comments and wanted to address class distribution. The BC Eagles currently have 10 scholarship players with Van Nest as the only senior that will be off the team next year (and Daniels transferring to Drake earlier this year). With the incoming freshman and transfer, here's how the distribution looks for next year right now.

2014-15 BC Eagles Scholarship Players

Juniors (7)

Ryan Anderson
Dennis Clifford
Lonnie Jackson
Alex Dragicevich
Eddie Odio
Patrick Heckmann
K.C. Caudill

Sophomores (2)

Olivier Hanlan
Joe Rahon

Freshmen (1)

Garland Owens

So for this year they should have 3 more spots available for prospects for both this year and next. It will be interesting what Donahue looks to do as there a few 2014-2015 prospects like Kaleb Joseph and Matt Cimino that are very interested in BC and are top notch talent. This will also all change if we have anyone leave next year that's currently on scholarship.

The Synopsis

Recruiting is probably not done for this year's class and there is hope that a freshman big man will be backing up Anderson and Clifford next year (along with Odio and Caudill, whatever we get from them) Personally, I'm hoping for BC to land Jorgenson and one of Kelly or Kanter for next year to go along with Dragicevich and Owens.

Who knows, they may even take another player if one of the current players leaves. So let's hope the staff can get some commitments this Spring.

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