Updated Boston College Football Depth Chart For Maine Game

Sep 1, 2012; Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts, USA; Boston College Eagles defensive back Manuel Asprilla (21) sits on the bench in the final seconds of the game against the Miami Hurricanes at Alumni Stadium. Miami Hurricanes won 41-32. Mandatory Credit: Greg M. Cooper-US PRESSWIRE

This afternoon, Boston College released an updated depth chart for this weekend's game against Maine. Though it probably won't matter much this weekend, Spaz continues to tinker with the lineup.

The biggest change from Tuesday's depth chart is at running back, where Rolandan Finch returns as starting tailback alongside Andre Williams. Tahj Kimble is listed as Finch OR Williams' backup.

The other main change to the depth chart on offense is at tight end, where C.J. Parsons replaces Brian Miller as the starting TE. Behind Parsons will be one of BC's two converted OLs Dave Bowen or Liam Porter. Haven't heard why Brian Miller was removed from this week's depth chart. Not sure whether this is performance-related or injury related. Hopefully he's back in time for next weekend's @ Northwestern game.

The only change to the offensive line is junior Bryan Davis replacing R-FR Eddie Meredith at backup left guard.

Finally, based on Jake Sinkovec's strong week 1 performance, Martin and the staff have carved out a FB position listing on the updated depth chart. Sinkovec is slotted as the starting fullback, backed up by junior Jarrett Darmstatter.

On defense, sophomore Dominic Appiah returns to the two-deep, replacing Max Ricci at backup left tackle, while at right tackle, junior Jaryd Rudolph has jumped senior Dillon Quinn as starting right tackle this week. I hope Spaz and the staff find a combination of tackles that work this weekend as the DL performance wasn't up to par in week 1.

In the linebacking corps, freshman Tim Joy replaces Andre Lawrence at backup SLB and sophomore Sean Duggan replaces Nick Lifka at backup MLB and Steven Daniels takes Sean Duggan's spot at WLB2 behind KPL.

At field corner, sophomore C.J. Jones is replaced by freshman Bryce Jones as the backup FC. C.J. Jones is shifted to backup back corner, replacing sophomore James McCaffrey.

No changes to the specialists this week.

HT: EagleAboveTheRim

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