2012 NCAA Football Relegation - Week 2 - Eagles at Kentucky

[Ed. note -- Front Page'd]

So week 1 not only of the official college football season, but also of the Relegation season is in the books. IRL, the Eagles dropped their opener at home to the Canes last weekend, but in our league, the season starts Saturday as the Eagles travel to Lexington, KY for the first time ever to take on Joker Phillips and the Kentucky Wildcats.

This game matches two of the coaches still firmly on the "Coaches Hot Seat", with our boy Spaz still holding down the #1 slot and Joker now at #9. Even in the relegation season, the 'Cats are struggling, dropping their opening contest at Utah State, 26-10.

We will have box scores and highlights of the opener sometime next week along with all the updated scores and standings. Check here to follow our progress.

Key games/upsets from week 1 in Conference A:

Arkansas knocked off West Virginia, 34-18. Louisiana Tech went to South Bend and stunned Notre Dame, 34-17. California beat Wisconsin 38-14 and Washington rode the home crowd to shock Florida State, 35-20. Iowa pulled the upset of the week in Iowa City beating Matt Barkley and USC, 37-29 and Texas showed they might be back by winning between the hedges against Georgia, 26-13.

Big games in Conference A this week:

Brady meets Urban as Michigan is at Ohio State. Alabama opens up at Cincinnati. LSU travels to Madison to take on Wisconsin. USC looks to rebound from their loss as they host Michigan State. The Red River Rivalry lives as Oklahoma goes to Austin to face Texas. And in what should be a wild shootout, Baylor is at Clemson.

Last week we asked about how many teams should make our playoff structure and results were varied. Most liked more than the champion per division and the consensus seemed to 16 in total. So why just the winner?

One of the stated goals of the upcoming 4 team playoff is preservation of the importance of the regular season. There is a balance to be reached there somewhere though, as you can make the case now with only the top two teams qualifying to play for the title that almost none of the games mean anything, but if you invite too many teams, say 16 for the argument, you could have a 3 or even 4 loss team qualify. So how do you best preserve the regular season?

I believe the way to do that is only use playoffs to compare teams that have not been compared during the regular season. This goes back to the concept of European soccer where there are no playoffs in the regular season club leagues, but yet in the Champions league where these teams have not played against each other, there are.

So in our relegation league, although having more than the champion qualify might create more games, it would also create something where we already have our answer. With each team playing against every other team in their division, you have the most meaningful regular season you could possibly have, without the possibility of having that 3-4 loss team somehow sneak in and win the title, which really does cheapen the regular season. We have even extended this further by having both relegation and promotion games and the seeded bowl games, making the vast majority of all games played for all teams have real value.

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