Boston College Football Depth Chart For Clemson Game

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Game week is upon us. After a bye week that felt like it was two weeks long, the Eagles announced their depth chart for the upcoming matchup with the Clemson Tigers. Of course things could change during the week, with certain players still dinged up, and others coming back. Let's see the BC two deep:


  1. Chase Rettig - JR
  2. Josh Bordner - SO

Nothing changed here, no surprise.


  1. Rolandan Finch - JR
  2. Andre Williams - JR OR David Dudeck - FR

No Tahj Kimble, which is kind of surprising, but on the other hand he has been in Spaz's dog house with his tendency to fumble the ball. David Dudeck is a big time surprise, because he was recruited as a wide receiver. He is listed at 190lbs, which would put him at ten pounds less than New England elf Danny Woodhead. Will he play? Who knows, but maybe Doug Martin wants to use him more as a guy he can move around, and use him in a variety of spots. Slot receiver, screen passes, etc.

Wide Receivers:

  1. Alex Amidon - JR
  2. Harrison Jackson - FR
  1. Johnathan Coleman - JR
  2. Dan Crimmins - FR
  1. Spiffy Evans - SO
  2. Bobby Swigert - SR

Obviously the addition of Bobby Swigert is huge for the receiving corp. Spaz mentioned earlier this week that Swigert is clear to practice, but his gametime availability will be evaluated as the week progresses. So obviously the Thursday depth chart will be more of a clear indicator of his health. Also notably missing is Colin Larmond Jr., who also may again show up later this week on the depth. Definitely a position to watch this week.

Tight End:

  1. C.J. Parsons - SO
  2. Brian Miller - FR

Miller again is listed on the Monday depth chart, but will he stay? It seems that as the week progresses, his prognosis deteriorates, and he is off the depth chart come Thursday. Blauds mentioned earlier this week that Mike Giacone is getting closer to being game ready, after suffering a head injury in summer ball. Will he be available this week?

Offensive Line

Left Tackle:

  1. Emmett Cleary - SR
  2. Dan Lembke - R-FR

Left Guard:

  1. Bobby Vardaro - SO
  2. Victor Nelson - R-FR
  1. Andy Gallik - SO
  2. Paul Gaughan - R-FR

Right Guard:

  1. Ian White - JR
  2. Seth Betancourt - SO

Right Tackle:

  1. John Wetzel - SR
  2. Aaron Kramer - SO

One minor change here as Victor Nelson, is listed as the backup replacing junior Bryan Davis. Nelson is 6'7, but is the lightest guy on the offensive line two deep, listed at 280 lbs.


  1. Jake Sinkovec - JR
  2. Jarrett Darmstatter - SO

Sinkovec is back, after getting hurt during the Maine game. Huge sigh of relief there, because he has been a pleasant surprise this year playing a valuable role on this offense.

Defensive Ends:

  1. Mehdi Abdesmad - SO
  2. Kieran Borcich - FR
  1. Brian Mihalik - SO
  2. Connor Wujciak - R-FR

Interesting changes here as Kasim Edebali is left completely off the depth chart this week. Apparently it's injury related. In his place Abdesmad gets the start, and Kieran Borcich gets the nod as the #2. Could this shuffling of the line help or hurt the Eagles?

Left Tackle

  1. Kaleb Ramsey - SR
  2. Dominic Appiah - SO

Right Tackle

  1. Jaryd Rudolph - JR
  2. Dillon Quinn - SR

No changes here.


  1. Steele Divitto - JR
  2. Tim Joy - FR


  1. Nick Clancy - SR
  2. Sean Duggan - SO OR Nick Lifka - FR


  1. Kevin Pierre-Louis - JR
  2. Steven Daniels - FR

Only a minor change here is that Lifka is listed this week.

Field Corner:

  1. Manuel Asprilla - SO
  2. Bryce Jones - FR

Back Corner:

  1. C.J. Jones - SO
  2. Ameer Richardson - FR

Field Corner remains the same, while Jones and Richardson flip flop at Back Corner.

Strong Safety:

  1. Jim Noel - SR
  2. Spenser Rositano - SO

Free Safety:

  1. Sean Sylvia - SO
  2. Justin Simmons - FR OR Josh Keyes - SO

Mostly the same here, except that Simmons is backing up Sylvia this week instead of Noel.

Punt Returner:

  1. Spiffy Evans - FR
  2. Bobby Swigert - JR

Please don't get Swigert reinjured on special teams. Please.

Kick Returner:

  1. Spiffy Evans - SO
  2. James McCaffrey - SO

McCaffrey replaces Donte Elliot this week.


  1. Nate Freese - JR
  2. Alex Howell - R-FR


  1. Gerald Levano - SR
  2. Alex Howell - R-FR


  1. Sean Flaherty - SR
  2. Dave Shinskie - SR


  1. Gerald Levano - SR
  2. Josh Bordner - SO

Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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