2012 NCAA Football Relegation - The Schedule

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So now having published the concept of NCAA Football Relegation as well as the three conferences which will make up the tiers, the next thing to do is publish the individual schedules.

Before we get into that, let's answer some questions raised from the division post.

- 13 team divisions. As you notice, there are only 10 team divisions in Conference C, so room there for expansion. It would of course mean that expansion in twos is required. When you reach teams 27 and 28, you could break it back down into 4 - 7 team divisions and continue as you do now, with just more cross over games. My actual thought is long before we get to that point, the NCAA will have to reclassify again. I just think the gap between these schools is growing and unlike basketball the ability to play 30 some odd games each and get more cross competition will never exist with football.

- The starting point. It was also brought up that a deeper historical dive should be used to initially seed teams. I am fine with that, but believed that the best way to create the best parity early on was to use the last season. As I mentioned, the original seeding would always be the most hotly contested point to the system.

- The idea of geographic regions. This leads to a lot of things I was trying to stay away from. More chance to require games against lower level (FCS) competition, imbalance of power between regions. Just don't think its necessary. College football has become a more national game, this gives the greatest ability to honestly and fairly compare all programs against each other without regional bias.

As you recall, BC was placed in Conference B (teams 53-104), based on their final composite rating of 18 different computer polls from 2011, but can earn their way back into Conference A (the top tier), by finishing either first or second in their division. Actually if they finish second, they will be involved in a playoff game with a third place finisher for that second spot out of their Division.

All of the individual team schedules can be found here (Google docs spreadsheet - the various conferences are in individual worksheets you can scroll through at the bottom of the spreadsheet), but let's focus specifically on the Eagles and their path back to relevance. It was curious by the way, that so many of you who felt the overall concept was strong, also voted that relegation to a Conference B status could be construed as a pseudo death penalty, as the program would suffer damage in recruiting, finances and fan support.

The 2012 Boston College Relegation Football Schedule - Conference B, Division 4. As the 6th seed in the Division, the Eagles randomly received the 1st bye of the season. With 13 team divisions, each team is allocated one bye per season.

Sep. 1 - BYE
Sep. 8 - @ Kentucky Wildcats
Sep. 15 - Minnesota Golden Gophers
Sep. 22 - @ Northwestern Wildcats
Sep. 29 - Rice Owls

Oct. 6 - @ Texas Tech Red Raiders
Oct. 13 - Western Michigan Broncos
Oct. 20 - @ Kent St. Golden Flashes
Oct. 27 - Miami (Ohio) RedHawks

Nov. 3 - @ North Texas Mean Green
Nov. 10 - Purdue Boilermakers
Nov. 17 - @ South Florida Bulls
Nov. 24 - Utah State Aggies

Some sort of interesting matchups here. Obviously a chance to see teams you wouldn't otherwise see (Purdue, Minnesota) and some you probably never would want to see (Utah State, and all the MAC teams). The way it worked out was pretty midwest centric (Purdue, Miami OH, Kent State, Western Michigan, Northwestern, Minnesota)

So you've seen all the schedules now. If this was for real would the 2012 Eagles be able to win Conference B? Would they be able to qualify for the Conference B playoffs or be promoted back to Conference A?

Next week, we will post the first week's schedule and let the games begin!

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