Miami 1984 Wins The Ultimate BC Football Game (Old Guy Edition)

[Ed. note -- Promoted. Thanks to CoachJF for putting in a lot of hard work on offering up a bit of BC football history for all you young'ns.]

The 1984 Miracle in Miami game was crowned champion of the The Ultimate BC Game (Old Guy Edition) defeating the 1993 Notre Dame game 57% to 43%. The Miami game was sited by those that commented as both the crowning moment for the most famous and decorated BC player of all time, Doug Flutie as well as being the moment when Eagle football officially made its national presence known, all very valid points.

As I wrote the original piece, I am entitled to disagree and although I hear the masses, I still believe based on what was at stake for both teams in South Bend that day, the quality of game and players involved and the palpable drama of the way the game played out, the '93 game still gets my nod.

Thanks to all of you who voted and commented over the past month, I hope you enjoyed learning a bit of BC football history and do check back in periodically as it is my goal to continue to fill that post in with pictures and film clips when I can put them together.

To finish this off, I thought it would be fun to roll all of the past 42 years together and come up with the best of the best, the Ultimate BC Football Game from 1970 to the present. I have moved a few items around on this list to reflect both my thoughts and the voting public. This is once again my list and I know the voting hasn't concluded yet on the younger guys games, so I am jumping the gun.

As always interested to hear your thoughts as we try to pull this into one post and if the magic strikes this year and we have a potential candidate to join that list, you can be assured you will find a post asking that question.

Games as in the original post were selected based on (in no particular order): Entertainment value of the game, quality of the opposition, stakes of the game, overall quality of the game, historic context to the program

The Ultimate BC Football Game 1970-2011:

1. #17 Boston College Eagles 41 at #1 Notre Dame 39 - 1993
2. #10 Boston College 47 at #12 Miami 45 - 1984
3. #2 Boston College 14 at #8 Virginia Tech 10 - 2007
4. #18 Boston College 38 at #9 Alabama 31 - 1984
5. at Boston College 14 # 7 Texas 13 - 1976
6. #18 Boston College 20 at #15 Clemson 17 - 2007
7. at #19 Boston College 27 Penn State 17 - 1983
8. #21 Boston College 36 at #10 West Virginia 17 - 2004
9. #8 Boston College 45 Houston 28 (Cotton Bowl) - 1985
10. Boston College 14 at #4 Notre Dame 7 - 2002
11. at Boston College 30 # 8 Notre Dame 11 - 1994
12. #20 Boston College 35 at # 9 Penn State 32 - 1992
13. at Boston College 34 #18 Clemson 33 - 2006
14. Boston College 27 #17 Georgia 24 (Hall of Fame Bowl) - 1986
15. Boston College 17 at #16 Clemson 17 - 1983
16. at Boston College 28 #17 Virginia Tech 23 - 2008

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