The Ultimate BC Football Game (Old Guy Edition) - 1970-99: Joe Yukica Bracket Championship - #4 - Texas - 1976 vs #5 - Penn State - 1983

Congratulations to our Tom Coughlin Bracket Champion, the thrilling 1993, 41-39 win over #1 Notre Dame which swamped the 1994 rematch win over Notre Dame (99% to 1%..who the hell was the 1?) to reach the Ultimate BC Football Game (Old Guy Edition) Semi Final. There the Coughlin Champ will take on the winner of the Joe Yukica Bracket, featuring the #4 seed, the 14-13 win over the Texas Longhorns in 1976 facing the program's first ever win over Penn State in 1983, seeded #5.

Voting on this game, which should be competitive, will run until 11:55 PM on August 2.

Did you know that Joe Yukica has the distinction of having the most sparsely attended home game of the period between 1970 and 2011? On October 11, 1975, an announced crowd of 11,775 showed up in then 32,000 seat Alumni Stadium to watch the Eagles lose to the Green Wave of Tulane, 17-7.

Those of you who remember small crowds may remember another Tulane game, this one in 1979, Ed Chlebek's 2nd season, where a reported 12,236 in the middle of a rain monsoon witnessed the Wave lay a 41-8 beat down on the Eagles. In my mind, that game was still the smallest crowd I ever recall at the Heights.

So I started thinking about small crowds and bad weather games. Here are five that come to mind in no particular order.

1. 1979 - Tulane 41 BC 8 - covered (no pun intended) above. Sat bundled up, pressed under the old press box put up in 1971 with a lot less than the 12,236 announced. Funny that the renovation on Alumni to add the original aluminum seats and new press box wasn't even done by an architectural company, Bill Flynn hired Marr Construction who did scaffolding!

2. 1995 - Army 49 BC 7 - goes into a another category as one of the biggest beat downs and discouraging losses in BC history. Dan Henning is still trying to figure out how to spell wishbone, never mind stop it. Crowd announced as full (44,500), but please...there were way under 15K in the building in the middle of another deluge. Didn't stop the Army march.

3. 2006 - BC 41 Buffalo 0 - Turner Gill's first season at Buffalo and boy were they awful. Crowd of 14,682, smallest since the game just below!

4. 1997 - BC 24 Army 20 - Last game of TOB's first season. BC comes back late to win and many of the male students section climb to the upper deck of the south end zone and take off their shirts. Still not sure why! Crowd 13,309.

5. 2007 - Florida State 27 BC 17 - Cold winds and rain limit what could have been one of the biggest nights in BC football history as the Eagles return home ranked #2 in the country after the Ryan to Callendar TD pass to beat VaTech the week before. Announced at 40,065, not nearly that many there. Very disappointing considering the stakes.

Any games in particular stick out to you?

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