The Ultimate BC Football Game (Old Guy Edition) - 1970-99: Jack Bicknell Bracket Semi-Final #2 - #2 - Miami - 1984 vs #15 - Tennessee - 1987

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The 1992 Penn State game (wonder if anyone will think beating Penn State will be a big deal 5-6 years from now huh?), narrowly edges out the 1986 Hall Of Fame Bowl win over Georgia 56% to 44% to advance to the Jack Bicknell Bracket final where it will meet the winner of today's match between the most famous game in BC history, the 47-45 Hail Mary victory over Miami in 1984 taking on the 1987 win at home over Johnny Majors, former Patriot Roland James and the Tennessee Volunteers. As always, The Ultimate BC Football Game (Old Guy Edition) has the recap.

Without tipping my hand too much, I expect this to be the slaughter of all slaughters...but hey, who knows, I have been surprised before.

Voting on this game will end at 11:55 PM on July 27.

Cowboy Jack Bicknell and BC have a long history together. Famous for the love of country music, the Cowboy hat, the laid back approach and all those hand signals. Bicknell spent numerous years on the staff of Joe Yukica as an Assistant prior to taking the Head Coaching job at the University of Maine in 1976. After compiling a less than stellar 18-35-1 record in five years in Orono, including a winning record only in his first year, BC came calling and Bicknell jumped at the opportunity.

Much like Maine, the BC experiment didn't start too well either. The Eagles went 5-6 in year one, but Bicknell did discover one gem, a QB from Natick who was 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th string (believe what you want) and in a blow out loss at Penn State in 1981, decided to give him a shot. The rest is history.

Known for his multiple motions and down field passing attack as well as one of the early pioneers of hand signals for plays, Bicknell's offenses soared under Flutie's direction, culminating in the 1985 Cotton Bowl win over Houston.

The question would always be though, did Flutie create Bicknell's success? The stats would seem to indicate so. Bicknell would have just one winning season and one bowl appearance without Flutie as his QB, going 28-44 without Doug and 31-11-1 with him including the games Flutie sat or played in during his freshman season (59-55-1 overall).

He would be fired following the 1990 season, a move most thought was needed, but still difficult, because of his general popularity and where he had taken the program. He would surface just months later in the now defunct NFL Europe or World League of American Football (depending on the year!).

He would coach the Barcelona Dragons, Scottish Claymores and Hamburg Sea Devils a grand total of 14 seasons, appearing in the title game four times and winning once. He would however, have just three winning seasons in those 14 years.

Now 74, he is still someone frequently seen around campus on game days. His son, Jack Jr, followed in his steps and served on several staffs at both college and professional levels, including a stint as Head Coach at Louisiana Tech, and is currently the offensive line coach for the Kansas City Chiefs.

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