The Ultimate BC Football Game (Old Guy Edition) - 1970-99: Chlebek/Henning Bracket Semi-Final #2 - #6 - Houston - 1985 vs #11 - Stanford - 1980

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Another rout as the #3 Alabama - 1984 game pummeled the #14 seed 1994 Aloha Bowl win over Kansas State 82% to 18% to advance to the Chlebek/Henning Final against the winner of this game between the #6 seed the 1985 Cotton Bowl win over the Houston Cougars facing the Alumni Stadium upset of future Hall of Fame QB John Elway and the 1980 Stanford Cardinal. For those of you not old enough to remember John Elway as a college QB or with no recollection of who Bill Yeoman was...check out The Ultimate BC Football Game (Old Guy Edition) for some insight!

Voting on this game will run through 11:55 PM on July 21.

So our brackets are named after the head coaches of BC football from 1970 to 99 (with the exception of TOB..he is definitely more new millennium!), but these are the only two coaches to share the spotlight...why exactly? Well neither Chlebek nor Henning had what you could call a great deal of success.

Ed Chlebek was hired to replace Joe Yukica following the 1977 season. As mentioned previously, the program seemed to have plateaued and the frustration surrounding that status and the conservative nature of Yukica finally pushed Bill Flynn to look elsewhere so he brought in a relatively unknown 38 year old, with only two years of head coaching experience at Eastern Michigan to run the program. Chlebek had only five years total coaching experience at the time, including a year with the failed World Football League's Detroit Wheels, followed by two seasons as an assistant at Notre Dame. Chlebek was actually on the staff at ND for the 1975 game at Schaefer Stadium vs BC.

Chlebek had gone just 2-9 in his first season with EMU but followed it up with an 8-3 season and suddenly he was the new boss at BC. Like Bill Yeoman, mentioned above, Chlebek was a veer option coach, odd because his background was in pro football with the NY Jets as a backup QB, but he harbored no pro offensive tendencies.

His 1978 team clearly didn't pick up the veer or anything else too well, becoming the first winless team at the Heights since 1950 and the first and only BC team in history to lose 11 games. He suffered the embarrassment of being the last BC team to lose to Holy Cross when a failed two point conversion from John Loughery to TE Tim Sherwin was batted down in the end zone preserving a 30-29 HC triumph (I recall running back into the stands from the plex parking lot and standing in the end zone seats right in front of the conversion attempt). Then of all things he got to travel some 6700 miles to Tokyo, Japan to complete the winless campaign by dropping a 28-24 decision to Temple.

That 1978 team was chocked full of future pros including Fred Smerlas, the long time Buffalo Bills nose tackle and WEEI radio personality. That defense still holds BC records for fewest passing first downs allowed in a game (0 vs both UMass and Syracuse) along with fewest pass yards allowed per game for a season (65.1).

Although the program would rebound in '79 and '80, posting winning records in each season, Chlebek would be let go following the '80 season in which the team beat Stanford and finish on a five game win streak, although two of those wins would be one point wins over UMass and Holy Cross to end the season.

Chlebek would move back to the MAC to take over Kent State and oddly last just two seasons, once again going 0-11 in his final season of 1982. He would coach just two more years as offensive coordinator with the Toronto Argos of the CFL and the Oklahoma Outlaws of the USFL...and be done with coaching in 1984 at the age of 44. His career head coaching record was a miserable 26-51 (.337) in 7 seasons.

More on Dan Henning during the bracket final.

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