When Did You Stop Supporting Boston College Football Coaches?

[Ed. Note - Front Page'd]

Based off a discussion on, wanted to bring the conversation over here as well to gain some more thoughts. Here is the thread where some BC fans have already chimed in: Click

My thoughts (cleaned up for SB terms and conditions!):

I arrived on campus in the fall of 2006, but I followed BC football before coming here however it was in the sense of if it's on I would watch.

TOB: I knew of his conservative (to say the least ways) and it stuck out against NCST and Wake but I don't have the scars from him others do.

Jags: I would take him right now to be our HC. The energy and swagger he brought to the program, on campus, etc was amazing. As someone who was on campus for 3 HCs, no one came close to him. He thought BC could beat anyone on any day. I thought the Vandy game was odd but I chalked it up to team being very disappointed after back to back ACC CG losses. I didn't have a problem with him interviewing for the Jets job (even though I knew he wouldn't get it), shouldn't we all strive to be in the top 30 in our profession world wide?

And two of the faults people cite for Jags are just 110% false.
Recruiting: In 2 cycles he recruited 2 1st rounders and the schools all time leading rusher
Coordinators: Shouldn't someone want to surround himself with the best? Opposed to simply promoting an old buddy from within or hiring a guy who we weren't sure had a pulse?

Spaz: While not on the other's level of hatred for the hire, I thought it reeked of BC swinging the pendulum to the complete opposite of Jags. A "safe" (TOB-lite on a good day), cheap, loyal coach who has zero aspiration. Unfortunately, that mentality spreads to his coaching as well.

When I thought we were in trouble was the Clemson game, that was a disaster. We had OL (what had been a bedrock under Jags and still had a to be 1st rounder) lining up out of place, Spaz looking like somone shot his dog, etc.

When I knew we were in trouble: Wake. Sure we won but Spaz employed the most conservative cushion I have ever seen. Allowed them to march all the way down the field consecutive times late in the 4th Q and a lucky bounce saves us. I knew it was all over then.

Would be interested to hear others' point of view.

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