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Football Geography's Andrew McKillop noted the other day that when Texas Christian visits West Virginia later this year, the Horned Frogs will have played football games in 39 different states, the most ever by a college football team. Of course, it helps when you've played in five different athletics conferences since 1995.

Here's the top four most well traveled programs in college football history (including 2012 games):

1. TCU Horned Frogs -- 39
2. Temple Owls -- 38
3t. Kansas Jayhawks -- 37
3t. Syracuse Orange -- 37

Temple and Kansas have also played in the District of Columbia.

This got me thinking about just how many different states has the Boston College football team has played in. I figured BC's total had to be up there given the program's history and unique geography of New England. Turns out I was right.

Boston College has played in a total of 35 different states, not including the District of Columbia, which likely places the program somewhere high on this list.

Here's the list of states where BC has yet to play: Alaska (obvi), Arkansas, Delaware, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota, Washington and Wyoming. The Eagles do, however, have some international experience, having played in both Dublin, Ireland (a 38-24 win over Army in 1998) and Tokyo, Japan (a 28-24 loss to Temple in 1978).

Additionally, as notes, BC is one of four current Division I-A programs to ever play in the state of Vermont. Buffalo, UConn and UMass are the others.

The last time the Eagles visited a new state for the first time was the 2005 season, where BC ticked both Utah (at BYU) and Idaho (vs. Boise State in the MPC Computers Bowl) off its list.

Of the 35 states that Boston College has visited, the program has recorded victories in all but three of those states -- Arizona (0-1), Mississippi and Oklahoma (0-1). Conversely, BC is undefeated while playing in these states: Connecticut (10-0-2), Hawaii (3-0), Vermont (2-0), Alabama (1-0), D.C. (1-0), Idaho (1-0), Missouri (1-0) and Utah (1-0).

Top five states by win totals: Massachusetts (451 wins), Pennsylvania (25), New York (23), Maryland (15) and Connecticut (10). Top five states by loss totals: Massachusetts (235 losses), New York (33), Pennsylvania (28), Florida (23) and New Hampshire (13).

Special thanks to College Football Data Warehouse for the list of Boston College football locations.

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