Conference Expansion: Miami Has No Interest In Big 12, Florida State To Big 12 "Inevitable"

EL PASO TX - DECEMBER 30: Sebastian the Ibis of the Miami Hurricanes during play against the Notre Dame Fighting Irish at Sun Bowl on December 30 2010 in El Paso Texas. (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

For those already writing off the ACC, predicting a mass exodus of football schools to the Big 12, SEC or Big Ten, it looks like the conference will hold onto at least one underachieving college football power. According to the Miami Herald's Barry Jackson:

Though a Yahoo story suggested the Big 12 - which has more a lucrative TV deal than the Atlantic Coast Conference - might pursue FSU and UM, two UM Board of Trustee members said it hasn't been discussed inside UM and they could not envision Miami being interested. One pointed out UM would need to pay more than $15 million in ACC exit fees even if it wanted to move.

This is the second member of Miami's Board of Trustees to squash any Miami to the Big 12 rumors. The first one even went so far as to suggest that Miami's academic standards aren't "a good fit in the Big 12."

Meanwhile, checking in on that other underachieving college football power. A report on Sunday from Ingram Smith on has added even more momentum to conference realignment-palooza 2012, calling Florida State's prospective move to the Big 12 "inevitable."

"According to two people with the strongest ties possible to Florida State's Athletic Department, FSU fully plans on exiting the Atlantic Coast Conference. Florida State will begin its transition to the Big 12 Conference beginning this June. One source went as far as to say, "at this point the move is inevitable."

Whether this move is truly "inevitable" seems to hinge on Texas and whether the conference wants to expand past 10 teams. Sounds like the conference is still split as to whether to expand beyond 10 teams, with Texas having previously been outspoken in its stance against further expansion and the return of the Big 12 Football Championship Game.

Smith goes on to speculate that Clemson "will almost certainly pair with Florida State" as teams 11 and 12 in the Big 12. Further, Georgia Tech is talking to the Big 12 too, while Virginia Tech and N.C. State will get scooped up by the SEC. The Big Ten is also picking up Duke, North Carolina, Virginia and Maryland, presumably leaving Boston College, Miami, Wake Forest, Syracuse and Pittsburgh to collect $180 million in exit fees.

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