Conference Realignment: Louisville Wants Out Of The Big East, And Into The Big 12? ACC?

TAMPA, FL - NOVEMBER 25: Quarterback Dominique Brown #10 of the Louisville Cardinals runs for a touchdown against the South Florida Bulls November 25, 2011 at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida. The Cardinals won 34 - 24. (Photo by Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images)

In his most recent column chronicling the dumpster fire the next Big East commissioner will inherit, ESPN's Andy Katz dropped two non-news news items that shouldn't really come as a surprise to folks.

The first non-news news item was that Louisville wants out of the Big East -- duh! -- but the stated possible destinations come as a bit of a surprise.

"There remains a desire among some member schools to leave. Multiple sources with direct knowledge of their situations told that Louisville athletic director Tom Jurich told the Big East board of directors that the Cardinals want to be in the Big 12 or the ACC, opting for transparency by making members aware of his school's true intentions."

This is the first I've heard of Louisville expressing an interest in the ACC, but either way it's clear Louisville wants out of the Big East. And is saying so publicly. Looking forward to hearing how bloggin' Rick Pitino is going to spin this one. Just one problem: the ACC currently doesn't have a spot open at the moment, and aren't taking a #15 without a #16.

But could a spot be opening up in the near future? Chip Brown seems to think so, adding even more fuel to the blazes currently raging on Florida State message boards and blogs. Yep, Florida State to the Big 12 is officially a thing.

Card Chronicle doesn't give much credence to Katz' dropping the Louisville to the ACC bomb. That's probably because they are Louisville will be a member of the Big 12 Conference, and as soon as 2013-14.

Believe it or don't believe, but the understanding right now (of both parties concerned) is that Louisville will become a member of the Big 12, preferably before the start of the 2013-14 season. We've seen things change a thousand and one times in this realignment madness over the past nine months or so, but as of this moment, I am beyond certain that this is the plan.

Well, OK then.

The second bit of non-news news that Katz dropped on everyone is that while UConn is publicly committed to the Big East, the school privately wants to be in the ACC with Notre Dame.

"Connecticut, meanwhile, states publicly that it wants to stay in the Big East, though a number of UConn sources have said privately that they want to be in the ACC with Notre Dame.

The Irish have so far publicly remained committed to independence in football and the Big East in all other sports. But an Irish source said that they are evaluating the new landscape in the Big East. Still, it would take a major decision by the Irish to give up independent status in football."

Well, duh.

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