Frozen Four: Boston College and Minnesota Drinking Game

Apr 4, 2012; Tampa, FL, USA; General view of signage outside of Tampa Bay Times Forum in preparation for the 2012 Frozen Four. Mandatory Credit: Douglas Jones-US PRESSWIRE

Two more games left, two more opportunities to try out one of A.J Black's patented "send yourself directly to St. Elizabeth's" drinkin games! Tonight is a huge game for BC, possibly the biggest game they've played all year, so if you are like me you've already purchased a six pack of Sam Adams Boston Lager, Harpoon, or some other local brew. Make sure you chill a mug, grab some pretzels, and get that ass groove in your couch or bar stool set because tonight is going to be epic.

So as you prepare for tonight's epic matchup with the Gophers, here are the rules!

(Remember this game is for entertainment purposes only, please don't play, because you will end up either in the hospital or dead. And I can't live with that)

  • ESPN delays the feed due to lacrosse, women's water polo or high school dancing competition...Guzzle until the game comes on
  • If you find it odd that the University of Alabama Huntsville is the host school, yet the NCAA is holding the tournament in Tampa which isn't even in the same state....Drink Four
  • York looking dapper....Just drink one, he always looks freakin' dapper
  • The announcers mention the winning streak....Drink one for every win...dang that is a lot of beer
  • Shot of the trophy. Touch your tv screen seductively and drink Five. Get it? Five drinks, one for every BC championship. Ladies and Gentleman I'll be here all weekend
  • Baby faced Johnny Gaudreau scores a goal....Drink two....Chocolate Milks
  • Baby faced Johnny Gaudreau scores a second goal....Drink three Chocolate Milks
  • Baby faced Johnny Gaudreau scores a hat trick. SHOTGUN A GALLON OF MILK AND DON'T VOMIT.
  • If everytime you see Destry Straight, you secretly wish his first name was Destroy and the nurses just misspelled it on the birth certificate. Drink Two
  • Touchdown Eagles!!! Drink 6.
  • And the extra point is up and good! Drink Seven
  • The Eagles put in the 2 point conversion! Drink Eight
  • "SAVE BY MILNER!" Drink One.
  • The announcers talk about how Parker Milner is the most valuable player on the Eagles. Nod with approval and Drink Five
  • The BC band plays "Don't Stop Believing"....Scream "DOOOONNT STOPPPP BELIEVIN!!!!" And shotgun a brew.
  • They show a quote from York and he says something is "T'riffic" or "outstanding"...Drink Two awesome be'eas
  • If they mention how similar BC and UM are....Ugh, Drink Four
  • A Minnesota Troll tries to bait you...Drink Four, while holding up seventeen fingers and toes, and reminding said troll that BC has won twenty freaking games in a row.
  • A BU Troll tries to bait you.....Just laugh at them, and feel bad. Would you honestly want to be a BU fan at this point?
  • BC wins.....Take whatever beer you have left and pour it on your head and the head of all your friends it's championship time baby!!!!!!!


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