Boston College Basketball Postseason Awards

[Ed. note -- Front Page'd]

With the nightmare season we all saw coming over, it's time to give out the postseason awards for the BC basketball team.

MVP: Ryan Anderson

Anderson had a fantastic freshman campaign. Even though he started the season poorly, he rebounded to average 11.2 PPG and 7.4 RPG. He was also BC's most consistent player, scoring in double figures in every ACC game except 2 and having 6 double-doubles. He was by far BC's most consistent rebounder also. He was named to All-ACC Freshman team, an is named by most ACC experts as the second-best freshman in the ACC behind Austin Rivers.

Defensive Player of the Year: Matt Humphrey / Gabe Moton

I gave this one a tie because both aren't the best defenders, but the both are solid and are the best on the team. By watching the games, I can say that both are pretty much at the same level on defense and both are asked to guard the same people, usually the other team's best player.

Best Moment of the Year: The win over then-ranked Florida State

This award is easy. The young Eagles shocked America when they rallied down 23-10 to take the lead and they only relinquished the lead briefly. The run was incredible, as the Eagles made 6 straight 3 point shots to end the 1st half. Lead by stellar play by Jordan Daniels, who had 21 points, the Eagles took down then #17 Florida State.

Worst Moment of the Year: "The UMass Disaster"

The nickname I gave for this game was because that's what the game was. BC came into this game after a 22 point loss to Holy Cross, which is bad enough, but then there was this game. BC jumped out to an early 16-8 lead, and lead 19-10 at one point. And then it all fell down. UMass got fast-break point after fast-break point after fast-break point. In the end, the final score was 82-46 UMass. At Conte Forum. While this team was young, you should never lose by 36 at home to UMass.

Disapointment of the Year: Patrick Heckmann

I don't blame Heckmann for his injury problems and mono. After Heckmann's fantastic performance against UNH, his production went way down, as he struggle to score and turned it over at an alarming rate. After a 32 point performance against UC Riverside, Heckmann struggled for minutes. He kept putting his head down every time going to the basket, which caused much of the turnovers (along with his bad handle). He can be the player he was against early in the season next season, but he must learn to fix his handle and keep the turnovers to a minimum.

Stay tuned, because I'm going to do different segments on how each key freshman progressed throughout the season and preview the upcoming recruits coming in.

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