Boston College Basketball Club Trillion Watch: The Trillest Of 2012

It's been quite some time since we last checked in on BC's chapter of Club Trillion. Now with the season over, let's crown a champ.

Following BC's 83-60 loss to North Carolina, here were the Club Trill standings:

2 -- Danny Rubin (Penn State, Stony Brook)
2 -- Ryan Kilcullen (UMass, North Carolina)
2 -- John Cain Carney (Bryant, North Carolina)
1 -- Salah Abdo (Boston U.)
1 -- Peter Rehnquist (Bryant)
1 -- Eddie Odio (Sacred Heart)

In BC's first ACC victory over Clemson, Eddie Odio played the least amount of minutes (4) but managed two boards. The following game, John Cahill logged a 2 trillion performance, which is nice and all, but we award no points for multi-trillion performances.

The next two games -- at N.C. State and Wake Forest -- were trillion-less, but in the Virginia game, John Cain Carney got back on the board with another trillion. Deirunas Visockas followed that up with his first trillion of the season in the home loss to Miami.

In the second regular season meeting with the Wolfpack, two BC players logged a trillion -- Eddie Odio and Danny Rubin. Odio followed that up with back-to-back trillions in the next game against Georgia Tech.

No one came close to logging a trillion in the surprising victory over Florida State, while Odio came within a turnover of logging his third trill in four games in the road loss to Virginia Tech.

Ryan Kilcullen logged a trillion of his own in the loss to Maryland, and went for his second straight trillion against 4th ranked Duke but ended up getting fouled and converting both his free throws. Salah Abdo and Peter Rehnquist each logged trillion entries in the home loss to Duke.

Rehnquist and Cain Carney got back on the board in the home loss to Wake Forest, while Visockas logged the final trillion of the regular season in the finale at Miami (Cahill managed an attempt from the floor while Cain Carney grabbed a board).

Which brings us to yesterday's ACC Tournament loss to N.C. State, where Kilcullen and Cain Carney each logged one minute of work and a clean scoring sheet in the final game of the year.

So your 2012 Boston College Club Trillion president is ...

John Cain Carey, with 5 one trillion performances on the year. Achievement unlocked. Congrats, John!

Here is your complete 2011-12 Boston College Club Trillion chapter standings.

5 -- John Cain Carney (Bryant, North Carolina, Virginia, Wake Forest, N.C. State)

4 -- Ryan Kilcullen (UMass, North Carolina, Maryland, N.C. State)

3 -- Peter Rehnquist (Bryant, Duke, Wake Forest)
3 -- Danny Rubin (Penn State, Stony Brook, Wake Forest)
3 -- Eddie Odio (Sacred Heart, N.C. State, Georgia Tech)

2 -- Salah Abdo (Boston University, Duke)
2 -- Deirunas Visockas (Miami, Miami)

Honorable mention to Visockas, who managed his only two Club Trillion performances in the two games against Miami.

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