Projecting The ACC Tournament Bracket And The Big Finish

Feb 29, 2012; Chestnut Hill, MA, USA; Boston College Eagles guard Matt Humphrey (14) drives to the hoop against the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets during the second half at the Silvio O. Conte Forum. Mandatory Credit: Mark L. Baer-US PRESSWIRE

Jeff: Miami is playing not nearly as good a brand of basketball as they were when they rattled off five straight ACC wins including a win at Cameron Indoor earlier this season. So it's not out of the realm of possibilities that BC knocks of the Canes in Miami tomorrow. The Eagles could then finish with the no. 9 seed in the tournament. That, of course, gives them the best chance of winning their opener, but probably worst chance of moving on past the quarterfinals. Winning the 8-9 game Thursday gets you a game with the winner of tomorrow night's Duke-North Carolina game the following day. I do not like BC's chances there.

Do you see a scenario where the Eagles play the Seminoles in their second ACC Tournament game and advance to the semifinals?

Brian: No, I don't see a scenario where BC knocks off FSU to advance to the ACC Semis. I know that BC was able to knock off Florida State earlier in the season, but I really don't like the Eagles chances in a rematch on a neutral court -- where BC has won all of one time in road/neutral games all year. But with Florida State is locked into the number 3 seed for the ACC Tournament, BC would have to finish as the 11 seed and defeat say, Miami, in the ACC Tournament's opening round to draw FSU in the second round. I also don't like BC's chances to defeat Miami in the Tournament just a few days after finishing the regular season down in Coral Gables.

To me, the Eagles' easiest path to the Semis is as the ACC Tournament's no. 12 seed. The 12 seed has enjoyed a disproportionate amount of success since the ACC moved to a 12-team format. Believe it or not, the no. 12 seed is 6-6 over the last six seasons. Two of those 12 seeds -- Wake Forest in 2006 and Miami in 2010 -- made the semis, while only two 12 seeds -- N.C. State in 2008 and Wake Forest last year -- have failed to win a game.

In addition, both the 5-12 and 4-5 games are at 2 PM. I feel like this plays into BC's favor as this is an under-the-radar time slot. If the Eagles are trying to notch only their second road/neutral win of the season, that's as good a time slot as any to pull off the feat.

Finally, I can't remember a year recently where the 4-5-6-7-8 teams were less impressive. Each of Virginia (8-7), N.C. State (8-7), Miami (8-7) and Clemson (8-7) are very beatable if the Eagles can limit their mistakes and get hot from range. Since that group of teams is nearly indistinguishable from one another, I'd rather see BC draw two of them with the 4-5 than run into Duke, Carolina or Florida State.

Big Finish

Brian: After analyzing next year's ACC schedule, which program has the weakest, most unimpressive slate of games?

Jeff: Gotta be either N.C. State with two FCS opponents or North Carolina.

Jeff: How surprised are you by Kuechly's studly NFL Combine performance?

Brian: Not all that surprised. I've always been really high on Kuechly.

Brian: North Carolina AD Bubba Cunningham is in favor of an 128-team NCAA men's basketball tournament. Are you?

Jeff: Not at all. Maybe 96, not 128.

Jeff: The Eagles play the Red Sox this weekend. Will it be more competitive than last season?

Brian: What was the score last year? It's more important to finish the weekend strong against Florida Gulf Coast.

Brian: The BC women's basketball season mercifully came to an end last night in the first round of the ACC Tournament. With a record of just 7-23, should Crawley get another year?

Jeff: Shouldn't but might.

Jeff: The men's ice hockey team wraps up their season this weekend. What seed with they get in the Hockey East Tourney and will they win it?

Brian: Number 1 seed, and yes.

Brian: Last one. Men's hoops this afternoon. Chances BC pulls off the upset down in Coral Gables?

Jeff: I give them a 30 percent chance.

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