SB Nation Recruiting Agrees Boston College Shouldn't Have Expected To Land McGlinchey

[Ed. note -- Edited, Front Page'd. Great rebuttal.]

First, read this.

Wow, so many things to say on this. Here goes:

1. I agree with Bud that we shouldn't have assumed we were going to get McGlinchey just because he is Matt Ryan's cousin. That being said, this guy really wanted to go to BC and Spaz evidently dropped the ball with maintaining contact. So yeah, we're a little ticked and rightfully so.

2. Then Bud says this:

"But should the Eagles really expect to win recruiting battles for a kid with offers from Florida, Florida State, Michigan, Notre Dame, Penn State, Rutgers, Tennessee, Virginia and Wisconsin? Absolutely not. BC's tradition and commitment to football doesn't touch most of those programs."

Bullshit. Really? REALLY? I agree with the Florida, Florida State and Michigan company. But Penn State? Rutgers? and Virginia? Look, I know these teams have recruited well recently and Penn State has had somewhat of a recent resurgence. But just a couple of years ago we were smacking around Penn State and Rutgers while a member of the Big East on a regular basis. Before Schiano, Rutgers was pathetic and many argue they still are. Rutgers gets one good recruiting class and BC has one terrible season, and everything that happened before that is ancient history. Right? HELL NO. BC can't touch those programs? HELL NO. BC's tradition is absolutely on par with the likes of Penn State, Rutgers and Virginia.

3. And then Bud goes on to comment on BC's tradition and commitment to football. Tradition. Maybe we haven't won a BCS National Championship, but it's my opinion that BC has a very strong football tradition. To include: Luke Keuchly, Matt Ryan, Doug Flutie, winning the Big East, going to 12 bowl games in a row (a streak which ended last year) and yes winning a national championship with "the Team of Destiny" in 1941. I'd say that counts as tradition. BC fans are proud and expect a lot from our program.

4. Commitment. Now there's a question. Father Leahy's refusal to oversee the situation and GDF's refusal to change head coaches makes many fans doubt our administration's commitment to the football program. That being said, BC will return to its commitment. The program and its traditions are greater than any one coach or Athletic Director. The major question is when. Hopefully, changes occur sooner than later, preventing a further dip in this program's proud history.

5. It is interesting how quickly the public forgets about all the accomplishments a program has had once it takes a dip in performance. All it took was one 4-8 season for people to doubt that BC even has a strong football tradition. What happens if BC dives for several years? Will people begin to scoff and look at BC as we once did at Rutgers? I hope not. I pray that 2012 helps returns BC to its roots.

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