Boston College Releases Depth Chart For Spring Game

CHESTNUT HILL, MA - NOVEMBER 03: Rolandan Finch #28 of the Boston College Eagles is tackled by Nigel Bradham #13 of the Florida State Seminoles on November 3, 2011 at Alumni Stadium in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts. (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)

It's March Madness time, but it's never too early to start talking Boston College football. The annual Jay McGillis Spring Game is only two weeks away, and Frank Spaziani has released his depth chart for the game. There are some interesting changes on there:

Known injuries: Manny Asprilla, Montel Harris, C.J. Jones, Bobby Swigert.


LT 77 Emmett Cleary (6-7, 300, Sr.)
71 Dan Lembke (6-7, 287, R-Fr.)

LG 76 Bobby Vardaro (6-5, 312, So.)
70 Aaron Kramer (6-7, 292, So.)

C 59 Andy Gallik (6-3, 300, So.)
60 Bryan Davis (6-3, 289, Jr.)

RG 62 Ian White (6-5, 303, Jr.)
64 Harris Williams (6-4, 301, So.)

RT 73 John Wetzel (6-8, 302, Sr.)
67 Seth Betancourt (6-6, 304, So.)

TE 81 Chris Pantale (6-6, 255, Sr.)
89 Mike Naples (6-4, 237, Jr.)

QB 11 Chase Rettig (6-3, 213, Jr.)
8 Josh Bordner (6-4, 221, So.)

RB 28 Rolandan Finch (5-10, 211, Jr.)
or 20 Tahj Kimble (5-11, 211, So.)

WR 1 Colin Larmond, Jr. (6-3, 202, Sr.)
or 83 Alex Amidon (5-11, 186, Jr.)

WR 80 Brian Miller (6-4, 232, R-Fr.)
14 Johnathan Coleman (6-4, 228, Jr.)

WR 7 Spiffy Evans (6-0, 184, So.)
84 Karim Zoungrana (6-0, 194, Fr.)

First off, where is Andre Williams? And to a lesser extent where is Donte Elliot? It was assumed that Williams would be the change of pace back with Deuce, but he isn't even on the charts. He had a real tough year last season, and his difficulties breaking tackles and bouncing off blocks was evident.

Secondly, Brian Miller is now a wide receiver? When did that happen? I am all about changing things up, but this just reeks of Frank Spaziani turning on a New England Patriots game and saying to himself "Oh I like what Belichick did with Aaron Hernandez, I think I'll do that with a tight end on my roster". At this point, any change on offense, Miller was a highly recruited Tight End, let's hope Spaz knows what he is doing.

No surprises with Rettig and Bordner, Spaz has been saying that they would be the top two choices at QB. Dave Shinskie is no longer the co QB2. Are the Eagles finally done throwing him on the depth chart? Too bad BC doesn't seem to be giving Christian Suntrup a shot this spring.

Now onto the defense.

DE 91 Kasim Edebali (6-2, 258, Jr.)
55 Kieran Borcich (6-3, 264, R-Fr.)

LT 96 Kaleb Ramsey (6-3, 288, Sr.)
98 Max Ricci (6-4, 302, So.)

RT 95 Dominic Appiah (6-5, 291, So.)
92 Dillon Quinn (6-6, 312, Sr.)

DE 99 Brian Mihalik (6-8, 233, So.)
90 Connor Wujciak (6-4, 267, R-Fr.)

SLB 49 Steele Divitto (6-3, 226, Jr.)
35 Andre Lawrence (6-1, 229, Jr.)

MLB 34 Sean Duggan (6-4, 228, So.)
48 Nick Lifka (6-2, 242, R-Fr.)

WLB 24 Kevin Pierre-Louis (6-1, 215, Jr.)
54 Nick Clancy (6-3, 232, Sr.)

FC 5 Al Louis-Jean, Jr. (6-2, 191, So.)
34 Zach Wolfe (5-10, 200, R-Fr.)

SS 23 Jim Noel (6-4, 185, Sr.)
or 47 Spenser Rositano (6-1, 200, So.)

FS 19 Sean Sylvia (6-0, 204, So.)
25 Josh Keyes (6-2, 208, So.)

BC 29 James McCaffrey (5-10, 187, So.)
43 Ameer Richardson (5-11, 181, R-Fr.)

Where is Mehdi Abdesmad? He had a solid freshman season, you'd think that Spaz would want to use a player with experience at position that appears young. Also, where is Conor O'Neal?

The secondary looks awfully thin this year. And Josh Keyes is now a safety? Uh, ok, he was listed as a linebacker last season. And who is Zach Wolfe? I've never heard the name before. I have heard C.J. Jones is still recuperating but I don't see Dominique Williams on the list either. He might be still recovering, but again, no confirmation from BC on that one.

At the linebacker Duggan has moved over WLB to MLB, which makes sense since Luke Kuechly is gone, and KPL is healthy again. I am unfamiliar with Nick Lifka.

And finally the specialists.

K 85 Nate Freese (6-0, 185, Jr.)
42 Alex Howell (6-5, 202, R-Fr.)

P 32 Gerald Levano (6-2, 201, Sr.)
42 Alex Howell (6-5, 202, R-Fr.)

S 57 Sean Flaherty (6-2, 223, Sr.)
24 Kevin Pierre-Louis (6-1, 215, Jr.)

Hold 32 Gerald Levano (6-2, 201, Sr.)
16 Mike Marscovetra (6-4, 208, Sr.)

PR 7 Spiffy Evans (6-0, 184, Fr.)
20 Tahj Kimble (5-11, 211, So.)

KR 7 Spiffy Evans (6-0, 184, So.)
5 Al Louis-Jean, Jr. (6-2, 191, So.)

Frank Spaziani, I hope you are not seriously considering using Kevin Pierre-Louis as a snapper. That is just silly. He has to know how easy it is for someone to get hurt on the line right? That is an even worse idea than throwing Luke Kuechly out on the kick team.

Gerald Levano is going to be the punter. No surprise there. Al Louis-Jean is now returning kicks, after last year's anemic kick return game, any change is welcome. Mike Marscovetra is holding kicks, glad Spaz found something for him to do.

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