Mike Poidomani Named Football Strength & Conditioning Coach

Coach Spaz led off his National Signing Day press conference with news that the program had hired a new football strength and conditioning coach. Spaziani has hired Mike Poidomani Head Coach for Strength and Conditioning for the BC football program. This is Poidomani's second stint on the Heights as he served as BC's Director of Strength and Conditioning from 1996-2002.

"We are very pleased to welcome Mike Poidomani back to the Boston College football family," Spaziani said. "Boston College has always been known for its tough, strong, hard-nosed brand of football. Mike has a proven track record of success in producing those results."

"Coach Spaz and I talked about accountability, training tough and training smart, and a hard-nosed approach to football," Poidomani said. "My philosophy is to be relentlessly accountable to our physical development. We want to be a highly conditioned team that wins the fourth quarter. I've always believed in creating a culture of working hard and having fun while we're doing it."

Overall, I like this hire, if only because Poidomani served on the staff during the years when BC football really started to turn the corner. Back when we were running over opponents with a bruising run game on the backs of Mike Cloud, Cedric Washington, William Green and Derrick Knight.

And what's not to like about this lede in the Notre Dame student newspaper?

"Time had expired, the squirrel had crossed the end line and the scoreboard above Notre Dame Stadium read Boston College 31, Notre Dame 29.

And as the victorious Boston College players walked off the field, through the tunnel leading to their locker room, one by one they paid tribute to Mike Poidomani. Standing at the end of the tunnel, with Touchdown Jesus in full view and Eagle fans outside the gate celebrating, Poidomani embraced each player. The Boston College strength coach has been an integral part of the Eagles' turnaround from a 4-7 team a year ago to their current 8-2 record and a place in the top 25.

"We got 'em," the elated Poidomani told his players as they headed to the locker room."

Finally, when asked who had helped him the most during his time at BC, Marc Colombo credited "the food staff at Lower Campus Dining Hall and strength and conditioning coach Mike Poidomani."

If that's not a ringing endorsement, I don't know what is.

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