Thoughts On Boston College Football's New Staff

Brian: Well it looks like the dust has finally settled and -- barring any further attrition -- Spaz has settled on his 2012 coaching staff. Here is a look at BC's coaching staff heading into last season and heading into this season's spring practices.

Offensive Coordinator -- Kevin Rogers (2011) to Dave Brock (2011, interim) to Doug Martin (2012)
Offensive Line -- Sean Devine (2011) to Jim Bollman (2012)
Wide Receivers -- Ryan Day (2011) to Aaron Smith (2012)
Tight Ends -- Dave Brock (2011) to Ben Johnson (2011, interim) to Sean Devine (2012)
Running Backs -- Ben Sirmans (2011) to Sean Dasai (2012)
Special Teams -- Mike Dawson (2011) to Sean Dasai and Al Washington (2012)
Defensive Line -- Jeff Comissiong (2011) to Jeff Comissiong and Al Washington (2012)

Defensive Coordinator -- Bill McGovern
Defensive Backs / Recruiting Coordinator -- Mike Siravo

Did BC manage to upgrade any of these position coaches for this coming season? Which assistant / coordinator are you most excited to see on the Heights next season?

Jeff: Am I extremely excited that we got Jim Bollman and Al Washington this off-season? No. Their names were not on my Christmas wish list for this team to be quite honest. But I am excited that the staff got some new faces, particularly on offense. The old staff was not working.

I think a lot of people can agree that there was enough talent on the team that they should have had more offensive success that last few seasons. Instead, the offense has really struggled for three years and while the offensive coordinator has changed, many of the positions below him have remained unchanged.

Finally we have some real turnover and have some young energy on the staff. I don't see how this is a bad thing. Yes, it stinks for some players, like Chase Rettig, who have had to adjust to so many coaches despite only being on campus for two season so far. But for the team in general and looking at the longer term, I think we can all agree change is good. The schemes were not working that the old group put together and the recruiting was not making any headlines whatsoever.

Of all the new positions, I am most happy that the offensive line coach changed. The O-Line has been rather disappointing recently after that group gave BC a great reputation for many years prior. I'm looking forward to watching Montel run through some holes next season rather than being hit at the line and struggling to get yards.

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