NCAA Relegation Returns - Weeks 1 and 2

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Like playing NCAA 2012 on PlayStation 3...hit the reset button, try again.

Welcome back to the restart of the 2012 NCAA Football Relegation season. For those of you who didn't read the posts from the fall, check out the links below and it will give you an idea of what this is all about.

The Concept
The Divisions
The Schedule

BC, by virtue of its 4-8 record in 2011, was placed in Conference B, with teams rated 53-104. They will play 12 games, all within its own Division of Conference B against the likes of Kentucky, Minnesota, Northwestern, Rice, Texas Tech, Western Michigan, Kent State, Miami OH, North Texas, Purdue, South Florida and Utah State.

To get promoted to the big boy group of Conference A, BC must either win their Division or finish in the top 3 of the Division. Teams 2 and 3 in each of the four Divisions will play promotion games to see which teams will join the four Division winners to move up. While should the Eagles finish either 12th or 13th, they would be forced to play a relegation game to avoid moving down to the lowest Conference.

The games are simulated using, using the actual rosters and weather conditions from the game of those dates.

If you recall BC started our first pass at this with an 0-4 record, getting bombed in their final game by Rice, of all people surrendering 71 points! Well with a fresh start and a more rounded set of stats to work off, let's see what happens this time.

The Eagles drew their bye in week 1 of the season and now will play 12 consecutive weeks, opening in Commonwealth Stadium against the Kentucky Wildcats and this time, BC came through. Deuce Finch popped a 30 yard touchdown run with just 35 seconds remaining to snap a 35-35 tie give BC a 42-35 win.

BC got 288 yards and four touchdown passes from Chase Rettig, one each to Alex Amidon, Spiffy Evans and CJ Parsons.

BC lead 35-17 midway through the 3rd quarter before UK rallied with 18 consecutive points behind QB Maxwell Smith who was 31-44 for 461 yards and 2 TDs but 3 INTs, including a Steven Daniels pick at the BC 23 with just 2:30 remaining to set up the winning drive.

Full play by play and stats of the game can be found here: BC 42 at Kentucky 35

Full season schedules and results of all league games can be found here: 2012 Relegation Schedule

BC now at 1-0, will now open up the home season against Minnesota next week.

In Conference A (the top 52 teams), Notre Dame, Ohio State (over Michigan in OT), West Virginia, Florida State, Texas A&M, Wisconsin, Michigan State, Oklahoma State, South Carolina, Oklahoma and Penn State all got off to 2-0 starts. While Alabama, Florida, Boise State and Baylor all sit at 1-0, as they had one bye week mixed in.

Big upsets in Conference A:

Nebraska 27 Stanford 10, Iowa 37 USC 29, Penn State 23 Oregon 20, Texas 40 Georgia 34, Temple 50 Louisville 10 in week 1.

In Week 2: Wisconsin 10, LSU 7, Baylor 29 Clemson 17

As the weeks move on we will providing links to the box scores and play by play of all the games.

I will look to post results and updates and insights each two weeks of the season. So next update after week 4.

Merry Christmas to all!

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