Boston College Basketball Meltdown Thread: Donahue Not Making Friends With These Quotes Edition

I like Steve Donahue a lot. I want him to succeed at Boston College. I suppose anything a coach says following an OT victory over UNH isn't going to sit well with fans. But he's certainly not helping himself with some of these post-game quotes following Boston College's 61-59 OT win over New Hampshire.

"We're really 13 months into this and I started with only one scholarship player. We are still a program in transition. We're not there yet. But we are going to get better."

Donahue acknowledges that his job started the year after Skinner's recruits left the program. I'm OK with this. But the cupboard wasn't as bare as is being advertised. This sounds like Spaz's go-to excuse which, just too soon.

"Early on, I lost my head at Cornell. I'm not going to do that here. I know where we've got to be. We're not there yet. We have to get better players and continue to develop."

We're not there yet. We're close, but we're far away. Sounds awfully familiar.

"I don't expect alums and fans to completely understand. That's not their job. I want them to know we are going to get this going, they'll see. They will look back. and say he was on the right track. We're 're very close to being competitive in this league. We don't have enough pieces right now, but we do have the pieces that are going to make us a very good ACC team next year. I am confident of that."

OK. Maybe I don't understand. Go ahead and insult alums and fans when the program already enjoys bottom-of-the-barrel fan support. Because that makes total sense.

Here's what I do understand. The ACC is adding two top five programs as early as next season. Pitt and Notre Dame aren't pushovers either. BC might be a very good ACC team next year, but the ACC is going to be an even better league next year, too. And the year after that? Even better.

And if Alex Dragicevich truly is the best player on the Eagles' roster -- a Notre Dame transfer -- what does that say about the quality of your first two recruiting classes?

"I can't judge my progress on the scoreboard."

So what can we evaluate progress on if not wins and losses? Per-game attendance figures? Total minutes given to recruited walk-ons? Number of hot dogs sold at Conte Forum?

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