Boston College Daily Links: More Addazio Hire Reactions

Eric Hartline-US PRESSWIRE

The new Boston College football coach will breathe new life into the program.

Addazio breathes new life into BC (The MetroWest Daily News)
As for that 4-7 record last year, it may raise a few eyebrows but can pretty simply be explained – Temple moved from the Mid-American Conference to the Big East prior to 2012. "Of course you’re going to look into (the record) and the cause of it," said first-year BC athletic director Brad Bates, who made the decision to fire Spaziani and subsequently the choice to hire Addazio. "Obviously, in looking into it, I felt like it was an anomaly and he was building something special."

Q&A: BC coach Steve Addazio, Part II (ESPN ACC Blog)
Running the football is something we’ve been able to do at every stop we’ve been at, and we’ll get that done here. That starts up front with some tough, physical offensive line play. They’ve got some really good players here on the offensive line, young guys I’ve watched and I feel there’s a great future here with that. We’re going to develop that running game. That’s important.

Q&A: BC coach Steve Addazio, Part I (ESPN ACC Blog)
It happened pretty quickly. They reached out to me. We had a chance to get together, and they were exactly what I was looking for and I was exactly what they were looking for. It was just a sincere click. Right away you felt this was right. Brad (Bates) is one of the really great ADs in the country. I’ve known of him and known him and all the people I know and respect, (Florida athletic director) Jeremy Foley and those guys speak the world of Brad, and (former coach) Gerry DiNardo and so an opportunity to be with him really meant a lot to me. So yeah, it happened pretty quick and I think both sides just felt like this is really, really the right fit, the right chemistry.

Pats TE Hernandez: Addazio 'great coach' (ESPN Boston)
"I had a great relationship with him," Addazio said. "I had a great trust factor, obviously being from the state of Connecticut going into Connecticut [to recruit]. I thought [Florida] ended up being a terrific fit for him. And certainly so, so proud of all the things that he's accomplished. He's a great guy with a great work ethic and great talent."

Addazio's excitement is contagious (ESPN Boston)
"A lot of the guys were surprised," quarterback Chase Rettig said. "This is why you can't listen to everything that's going on in the media, because there's a lot of names out there and Coach Addazio wasn't necessarily one of the different things people were talking about."

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