Notre Dame Sell or not to Sell...that is the question

So one week from tomorrow, there will be as big a football game as has been played in Chestnut Hill since at least 2007 and in the eyes of the nation, much bigger than the #2 BC-Florida State game of that season . No your Eagles are not the big draw, that would be #3 Notre Dame, sitting in a prime position to play not only in a BCS Bowl Game, but in THE BCS Bowl Game, the National Championship in Miami.

It was 19 years ago that Boston College put Notre Dame in a funk that they have never fully recovered from when the Tom Coughlin led squad beat #1 Notre Dame in the last game of the regular season to prevent the Irish from playing for the National title. Now we are at this crossroad, with ND having but four games between them and what would assuredly be that same title opportunity.

Notre Dame is a heavy favorite against Pitt today and will be against BC, then Wake Forest and at this point probably even a favorite at USC. So one can be sure the mindless throng of Notre Dame fans in New England will be jacked up perhaps as I have never seen them and willing to do just about anything to see their boys play.

But I hate Notre Dame..always have..always will. They lived and still live until perhaps this very day off a reputation built in the 40s and 50s. If another school called themselves Fighting anything, the NCAA would be so far up their ass, it would take a year to find them (see North Dakota)..even things that were Flying were grounded (like Hofstra Flying Dutchmen), but remember this is Notre Dame and they are special.

Why people like them, I honestly don't know. I have always contended if they were the Notre Dame Tigers, no one would care about them anyway....and there is virtually a 0% Irish population in that area of Indiana...more Polish than anything...but these people do.

Then there's me. I love Boston College football and have missed exactly 2 home games in the past 43 seasons. One was last year when I got married and was in Italy on my honeymoon (and that one almost came to blows) and a Halloween Night game in 1992, when the Eagles blew out Temple when I had my knee operated on...That's it.

Now I face a that hasn't even crossed my mind til now.

Do I sell my tickets for Notre Dame?

I hate Notre Dame, already made that clear and BC sure as hell isn't positioned to pull the upset. My seats right on the 50 will fetch a pretty penny...I've seen them going for as much as $2500 (in the end zone!!) per seat. Do I really want to put myself through the anguish of watching this thing and seeing the Friggen Irish get closer to a chance at a championship and all those obnoxious locals who have never even thought about supporting BC get enjoyment out if?

I've really only got until tomorrow night, Monday at the latest to make a decision. Should Notre Dame do as expected against Pitt today, the price certainly will continue to rise. Baby needs a good Christmas!!

So what would you do? Take the money and run? Show up anyway because that's what I've always done whether it's been #1 Miami or Buffalo in a driving rain storm? You people are my peers and my friends in this adventure we call Boston College athletics...tell me what you would do!

Damn you GDF and Spaz for even putting me in this position.

Go Eagles!

EPILOGUE: Friday, November 9:

Back in October of 1994, Notre Dame made its first ever trip to Chestnut Hill, where the Dan Henning lead Eagles stomped Lou Holtz' Irish, 30-11. For that game I was offered $500 a piece by Ticket One in Norwood, MA for the same seats I have now, while my best friend was turned down by Ticket One to sell his Patriot tickets at any price. My how times have changed! Not only did I not sell my tickets, but although over 100 people viewed the Ebay posting, only one actually made any sort of inquiry. That person, a local Notre Dame fan, was willing to offer $200 a piece.

In this case of course, it was all about the money. I put them up due to my disgust with the condition of the program and the chance to make big money for a big game. I wind up with no money, still disgusted and will be where I have been for the last 43 years, in section D at Alumni Stadium. See you Saturday night.

Damn you GDF and Spaz for what you've done to this program.

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