Boston College Fires Frank Spaziani: Brad Bates Press Conference

via Daniel Lee, Heights Sports

SB Nation's own Gethin Coolbaugh was in attendance today to here what Brad Bates had to say about the dismissal of Frank Spaziani.

SBNation Boston Editor Gethin Coolbaugh was in attendance for today's Brad Bates press conference at BC, and reports the transcript

Question: How soon was this decision made?

Brad Bates: "It was made at the conclusion of the season yesterday. It's been an assessment that's been ongoing since my arrival here and really an evaluation of the body of work and not a game-to-game emotional decision."

Question: What were some of the specific factors that you used for this decision?

Brad Bates: "Ultimately all of us are measured on our performance, and when you're working in a profession of athletics, winning is a very big factor in that performance.

Question: Did you and Spaz have a chance to meet after the season?

Brad Bates: "Oh, of course. Yeah."

Question: Have you talked to any of the players about the decision? Do you take any of their opinions into consideration?

Brad Bates: "We did talk to the team, not in advance of the decision."

Question: Are you aware of any disconnect of the players in the locker room or taking any pressure from them for a change?

Brad Bates: "No, I didn't have any players coming to me and criticizing the program or anything like that."

Question: Did the opposite happen? Did any players come to you lobbying for another chance [for Spaz]?

Brad Bates: "Yeah, good question. No. Part of that may be because I haven't been here very long. I've only been here a little over four weeks."

Question: The assistant coaches were thanked for their service, too. Have they been relieved of duty as well?

Brad Bates: "They're still employed by Boston College and will be so through the end of their contracts."

Question: Did you have a chance to sit down with Coach Spaz? You've only been here four weeks, but during that time sit down and just kind of evaluate?

Brad Bates: "I don't know that I would say we had a thorough conversation that was an ongoing dialogue about the assessment of the program, so no would be the quick answer."

Question: Without being too specific, do you have a frame work of what you want in the next coach?

Brad Bates: "Yeah, there's three [qualifications]. We want someone who oozes with integrity. Secondly, we want someone who genuinely and sincerely cares for the students, particularly their intellectual development, and will engage in facilitating their maximum development as scholars, as athletes, as leaders and serves. The third thing is we want someone who's going to win."

Question: Is there a timetable for making a hire?

Brad Bates: "We'll move as quickly as possible, but we will be very, very deliberate. This is an incredibly significant hire relative to the leadership of our department and our program, so we've got to make absolute sure we get the best fit for what this program needs right now."

Question: You're new here and now have an opportunity to put a stamp on the program. Could you talk about how you'll approach that and what it means for you?

Brad Bates: "It's not really about me. It's not about my stand. This is about a football program that has a storied history and tradition. It's about the players that have come here in the past and the level of achievement and standards they've set for us to live by daily and it's about other current and future students that are in this program. I'm really a caretaker of the great things that have happened in the past in this program, and hopefully a catalyst to returning to those high standards."

Question: Is there any increased pressure with all the head coaching positions across the country to fill that position quickly before others?

Brad Bates: "There may be candidate competition, but I think you'll see that BC is a very unique place and the types of people that will be very attracted to the situation because of its uniqueness will stand out."

Question: Have you piled a list of potential candidates?

Brad Bates: "Any athletic director in the country is prepared for any change that takes place. Does it mean the peopl on the list will ultimately be the ones that are hired or interviewed? Of course not. But we've got to perpetually prepare for any attrition that takes place."

Question: You gave the list of three characteristics that you're looking for. Is it fair to say that Spaz was good at two of those and it was just the winning?

Brad Bates: "I would say absolutely. Spaz is a man of integrity. He genuinely cared about his students. And the performance, obviously in the last couple of years has struggled."

Question: What factor did [Spaz's] contract running through 2015 play in this process, and do you have any information on how that will play out?

Brad Bates: "I won't go into details on the contract, but I will tell you that ultimately our responsibility is to do what's in the best interest of the students, the program and the team. And so that was clearly our focus all along."

Question: How important is it to have a guy with head coaching experience?

Brad Bates: "I wouldn't back myself into a corner saying that's a mandate. There are a lot of very talented coaches out there that have not had head coaching experience. Having said that, if all else is equal, that would clearly distinguish someone."

Question: Is anyone on the current staff a candidate?

Brad Bates: "No."

Make sure to check out Gethin Coolbaugh and the other fantastic writers at SB Nation Boston for all other Boston sports news and opinions.

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