Players Who Have Shown Interest In BC That I Would Kill For

Out of boredom today I checked out a ton of uncommitted players on ESPN Top 300 list and found a surprising amount actually showed interest in little old us. I found about 9 players that have shown interest in BC who I would go nuts for if we some how managed to get them. These kids are from Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Virgina, Ohio, and Illinois and I will post each of their ESPN scouting reports after the jump.

Running Backs:

David Williams 6'1'', 192 lbs. | 40: 4.44 Philadelphia, PA

Williams has one of the higher ceilings in this running back class and could really develop into game breaker at the next level if he can continue to physically develop. He has a taller, longer frame that is not as compact as you would like, but he has strength. Williams also has home run speed, but still runs with a purpose and is a decisive downhill runner who looks for the shortest distance to the goal line. He has sharp cutback ability to pick and dart his way through traffic. Quick and balanced in and out of cuts, and he shows the stop-start/sudden change-of-direction skill needed to exploit over-pursuit. Williams can jump-cut as well and sidestep to the outside. He shows the lateral quicks and burst of speed to get outside and possesses great acceleration when he turns the corner to separate. He has great top-end speed and an extra gear to pull away. Displays good open field vision and cuts at full speed without gearing down much. He slips tackles more than powers through them, but he can create yards on his own with his lean and ability to explode through tight seams of traffic. Runs behind his pads with high knee action and keeps his legs driving on contact to spin out of tackles. He has good receiving skills as well. He may contribute in the passing game and as a complementary multi-purpose back before developing the size and power to carry the load as a full time back.

Derrick Green 6'0'', 215 lbs. | 40: 4.31 Richmond, VA

One of the better power backs this class has to offer. Green is a load and a strong, physically imposing runner ready to make the college jump. He has a well-built, muscular frame with very good upper and lower body strength. He has thick legs and a strong power base. Green is quick to get downhill and attack the hole and he gains momentum fast. He follows blocks well and cuts tightly off through the hole, but is not a real patient runner and can struggle to get thin through smaller seams. He lacks fluidity through the hips as a lateral runner but shows sharp, subtle cutbacks and deceptive pick-and-slide ability at times. While he can sidestep and avoid tacklers, he is at his best when squared up and given a heavy dose of Iso and Power plays. Even on outside tosses or stretch plays, he is quick to plant and get north finding the vertical crease. Not a lot of wasted cuts with this guy. He flashes the burst to get through tight in-line seams and into the second level quickly. Displays very good power to break tackles. He is an aggressive runner who drags tacklers and finishes runs falling forward. He will get the extra yards while wearing down a defense. A durable tough guy who likes contact. Defenders are not going to tackle him high when he breaks free into open field, but he does have a tendency to get chopped down low and lose balance. We would like to see him run more behind his pads with better lean and knee pump. He has the burst of speed to get outside but could struggle to the get to the edge clean at the next level. Has good speed for his size, but not a home run threat in college or a player who is going to make you miss with elusiveness. He does shows more than adequate hands as an outlet receiver and has the size to pick up the blitz. Green projects to produce highly in a downhill, heavy power-running offense at the next level that can feed this north/south workhorse the ball. The key for Green will be lowering the pads and keeping a good playing weight.

Wide Receiver:

Laquon Treadwell 6'3'', 195 lbs. Crete, IL

Considering this prospect's dimensions, he is pretty darn explosive. Treadwell is tall and lanky, but with lateral wiggle and speed to not only be a vertical factor, but also one after the catch. He is long and shows good suddenness off the line to create separation and get downfield. He is somewhat graceful and fluid in his movements considering his height. He has a wide wingspan, big hands and, given his height, a high-cut build that is very fluid through the hips. He possesses big, reliable, soft hands with very few body catches. He is excellent at catching balls outside of his frame, especially in the presence of defenders. He makes great adjustments to the ball while it's in the air, especially on the over-the-shoulder grabs. What really stands out is his ability to make plays on the jump ball, balls thrown in traffic and adjustments to poorly thrown balls. He has instinctive leaping ability and times these jumps very well. His body control while elevating to the jump ball is very sharp. As a vertical threat, he can climb the ladder and get over the top of DBs quicker than he looks. He is a tall receiver who actually possesses a short stride, so he does not always look all that fast yet he lulls defenders to sleep and then gets right over the top. He is fluid through the hips, but tall and must work on keeping his pad level low and not gearing down with tiny steps as a route runner. Short and intermediate route running is an area where he can really improve with coaching and time. With the ball after the catch he has some nice wiggle and change-of-direction and can make people miss churning out big chunks of yardage. Overall, Treadwell certainly has the tools and, in many areas, is pretty polished. He has natural ball skills and is capable of being a factor in all three phases of the passing game.

Offensive Line:

Dorian Johnson 6'6'', 285 lbs. Belle Vernon, PA

Johnson is an O-line prospect who should probably be getting a little more buzz than even he is already getting. He possesses excellent height and looks to be a well put together big man. While he needs to add more good bulk, Johnson looks to have the frame that can support additional size with time in a college weight program. He displays good ankle and hip flexibility working from a three-point stance. He is able to get off the ball with good quickness and into defenders. He is able to deliver a jolting initial blow on contact as he can fire out low and get under defenders' pads and into them with good hip roll. He gets his hands on and displays the ability to flatten defenders with his initial surge. He can generate good leg drive, but does need to work to keep his feet moving and base under him as he can get top heavy at times in an effort to try and smash opponents. He moves well and shows good pull/trap ability. He can quickly get down the line and turned upfield. Displays good agility to play on his feet in space, can locate well and get a hat on active second level defenders and displays the ability to make contact with crushing results in space as well. Does a good job of climbing up to second level. Johnson displays nastiness as a blocker and looks to punish defenders and put them on the ground. In pass protect, he can get set quickly and displays good ability to stay balanced and kick back to the deep set point. Displays good patience to not chase, but at times can open up too quickly. Johnson is a good prospect with ability to develop at tackle and could play guard as well. With some further physical development and polishing of his tools, he can be a fine college O-lineman.

Defensive Line:

Alquadin Muhammad 6'3'', 230 lbs. Ramsey, NJ (Don Bosco Prep) DE

Muhammad is an energetic and active defender. He is a high school defensive end who will likely transition to that position in college, though in the right scheme he could potentially see a move to outside linebacker. He is a long and rangy kid with a wiry build and his frame should be able to support more good mass with further physical development. He can be a bit inconsistent and can help himself by crowding the ball more at time. But he does display good initial quickness. He may look a bit lean, but can be very tough at the point of attack. He can fire off the ball low, engage a blocker with good hip roll and shoot his hands. With his good lower and upper body strength, he demonstrates that he can stand bigger blockers up and hold his ground. He displays quick strong hands to be able to disengage. He flashes the ability to read blocking schemes and squeeze down, but can seem a bit out control at times and overrun the play. He displays good speed in pursuit, but does need to sharpen his angles. He can come upfield and get redirected well. He is a solid tackler, but his aggressive nature can force him into grabbing for cloth and arm tackles. As a pass rusher, he can quickly get into blockers with power and surprisingly create some pressure with a bull rush. Flashes the ability to attack half-a-man and be active with his hands, but needs to keep developing his skills as a pass rusher. Muhammad is a strong and high-motor prospect from a good program. If he can channel some of his energy into more consistent technique and play, Muhammad can be a very productive college defender.

Ebenezer Ogundeko 6'3'', 229 lbs. | 40: 4.91 Brooklyn, NY DE

New York City is not one of the leading hotbeds for recruiting, but in recent years the five boroughs have produced some very good defensive line prospects and Ogundeko looks to be the next big one. He has real good overall size and looks to be all that he is listed at with a thick muscular build. You want to see a little more consistency, but Ogundeko has good initial quicks and can get off the ball. He demonstrates the ability to fire out, bring his hands and quickly create and maintain separation. He also displays the ability to bend and play in a good football position, and is capable of being a tough edge run defender. He can be a bit inconsistent in this area as well, though, as he can lose his hands at times and needs to watch his pad level as well. He can move and displays very good long speed and utilizes good angles in pursuit. That, along with a good motor, can allow him to be a factor from the backside and downfield. You would like to see him become a more secure tackler as he can tend to try and slam ball carriers down, which can led to arm tackles and misses. You want to see him consistently wrap-up and run through tackles. He shows flashes as a pass rusher. Has a nice initial burst that allows him to quickly get upfield. He displays the ability to attack half-a-man and shows flashes of being active with his weapons, but, again, can be inconsistent and needs to narrow his focus amongst his moves and have a plan. Because he is from the big city does not mean Ogundeko is raw. He shows flashes of doing the things he needs to do. Instead, it is more a matter of getting more polish and being more consistent in his technique. He's a naturally talented kid who is a good player, and if he can improve the little things and be more consistent he has the ability to be a real headache for opposing offenses.

Donovan Munger 6'3'', 280 lbs. Shaker Heights, OH DT

Munger is a big man who shows some good potential on both sides of the ball. Whether as a defensive tackle or offensive guard he has good size. He may need to and even benefit from reworking his body composition some, but with time in a college weight program should be able to add a little more mass. It is certainly possible that he could land on offense in college, but will likely land on defense at least initially. He has a solid get-off, but is not a quick penetrator. He does a good of bringing his hands and protecting himself. Demonstrates the ability to see and react to blocking schemes well. Displays adequate speed and range and is more a player who is best between the tackles. He does show good lateral movement and can come across the ball and stay square and keep himself in a good position to play the ball. As a tackler he goes low and can drop his head at times and needs to work to run through the tackle more. Best a run defender, against the pass he does a good job of trying to attack half-a-man and flashes the ability to be active with his weapons in trying to knock blockers hands down. He plays tackle on offense, but would need to slide inside to guard if he lands on that side of the ball. As a blocker he needs to watch his pad level and work to get better hip roll on contact, but does get hands on with good placement. Displays the playing strength along with good leg drive to create push in the run game. Can move his feet well and get into position to reach defenders and does a solid job of working to second level. Munger is not flashy and dynamic, but he is a good player who could help a team on either side of the ball. Needs to keep developing aspects of his game, but a good prospect in the trenches.


Michael Parker 6'3'', 196 lbs. | 40: 4.78 Nokesville, VA

Parker is a large, faster than quick player with intriguing qualities. He is a hybrid WR/H back or OLB on defense and most of his viewed plays are as a walked up safety. Big, long athlete that already has the size and speed to play at the next level. Long strider that does not have elite quickness, needs some time to get going, much better and elusive in the open field. Seems to be able to pluck the ball nicely and can snatch the low throw without losing momentum, but Parker has a very limited amount of in game catches making this an area that would need to be developed. Can look awkward at times reaching for the ball -- there just aren't very many snaps or opportunities for him in this offense. Limited route tree and average separation ability on short-to-intermediate routes. Elusive and smooth in the open field. The negative is his upright running style in traffic. Has the speed to turn a short completion into a big gain. Long armed player with good strength and toughness will pose a problem to smaller DB's as a blocker. On defense he appears to be much more comfortable and aggressive, especially as a blitzer off the edge. Flashes good short-area explosion and acceleration; it is difficult to get outside leverage on him. When chasing backside, he displays the speed and range to cover a lot of ground and make plays. His ability to plant and drive once he makes his read is solid. Possesses savvy range in coverage and while high cut he puts himself in position to make a play on the ball. This player could develop on either side of the ball at the next level. Big and athletic, Parker just needs to find a home and develop. Has spent a limited amount of time at receiver, more plays on defense.

Tyler Boyd 6'1'', 175 lbs. Clairton, PA

Boyd has been employed as a utility weapon on offense, splitting time between wide receiver and running back. He is a really gifted athlete with a long, sleek frame and good height. He lacks significant bulk and strength so it would be hard to project him as a pure RB candidate despite his instinctive run skills. He returns kicks, punts, plays running back, wide receiver and is a corner/safety hybrid on defense. He is deceptively quick and speedy -- very smooth in all his movements. He is a pick-and-slide type runner through the line, can plant and cut laterally and exploit the cutback lane. He shows burst to and through the hole. He runs with a very low center of gravity. It can be difficult to get a clean shot on him inline. He shows very good balls skills and is comfortable working in the passing game out of the slot and backfield. He plucks with ease and gets upfield immediately after the catch. He is very good on the perimeter with the ball in his hands. If he gets into space at the second level, he can take it the distance. Defensively, Boyd displays very good coverage skills and is at his best in short area, man-to-man coverage and has a nice feel for zone as well. He keys the quarterback and gets a nice jump on the ball due to his feet and ability to accelerate. He shows good run support, fills the alley and is a solid open-field tackler. He isn't a devastating hitter, but he is efficient. Boyd will likely end up on offense and will need to refine and enhance his route running skills. He has big upside here because he is such a sharp, decisive athlete and has good feet. He has natural ball skills too. Boyd is a very good prospect.

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