Boston College Basketball Season Preview Questions: BC the Worst in the ACC?

Jeremy Brevard-US PRESSWIRE

Throughout the week, I'll be posting what I think are relatively crucial questions previewing the upcoming Boston College basketball season. Today, we start with one of the most critical questions: are the Eagles the worst team in the ACC?

Between the media poll and the coaches poll, the Boston College Eagles have been consistently predicted to finish last in the ACC. While we are admittedly biased, the BC Interruption team attempts to answer this question (and you can too!)

The Question:

Will Boston College finish last in the ACC like so many people are predicting? If not, who finishes last instead?

The Answers:

Joe: No. I firmly believe in The Don. While time will tell if he can recruit ACC-level talent, I think he's a very good coach, and with a team that's played together for a full year now, we will see some growth. Let's say that Wake Forest will finish last in the ACC.

AJ: BC will not finish last this season, I think their first season together and the time spent in Spain will be beneficial in terms of their gelling together. Virginia Tech will finish the season in the basement of the ACC.

Brian: Not even close. Virginia Tech will finish last. I wouldn't be surprised to see Boston College finish ahead of Wake Forest and Clemson, too.

Jeff: No. Wake Forest has really been the most troubled team in the league the last 4-5 years and I see no difference this year.

Grant: Nah. I've got faith in Donahue that we'll be okay. Last year was about as bad as it can get and we didn't come in last. We didn't, right?

My take:

It's not exactly surprising that we all think BC will avoid the cellar (unlike last year, Grant). However, I don't think we are basing these optimistic outlooks on sheer homerism. Last year was bad, obviously, but this year should be much better. This wasn't a team that thoroughly lacked talent. Rather, it was a team that lacked experience and chemistry. The key players are all coming back and in some cases, they may benefit from addition via subtraction (Matt Humphrey?). I'm not going to criticize those who pick the Eagles to be the worst in the ACC -- after all, you have to earn that respect and they certainly didn't do that last year. Nevertheless, the Eagles improved and seem to have a set plan in place. Steve Donahue gets another year to implement his system and bring in two more of his recruits (and much needed ball-handlers). This team won't be particularly good, but with Virginia Tech and Wake Forest in the conference, I have confidence that the Eagles will snag enough wins to stay out of last place.

Let me know what you think. Are the Eagles the absolute worst team in the ACC?

Tomorrow's question: Who will emerge as BC's best player in 2012-13?

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