ACC Media Day: Boston College Quotables

With college basketball season just the corner, the ACC held it's annual Basketball Media Day today in Charlotte at Operation Basketball. Boston College was represented by Coach Steve Donahue and sophomore frontcourt players Ryan Anderson and Dennis Clifford.

One major problem for BC last year was rebounding. Coach Donahue knows this, and said what many BC fans have wanted to hear this whole off-season:

"I think rebounding is where we will improve the most."

Another problem last year for BC was scoring. It was fitting that a young team would have scoring problems, but Steve Donahue discussed a new style that should improve BC's offense:

"We are going to try to play fast and want to average about 75 pts a game."

A question mark on the team is how prepared freshmen Olivier Hanlan and Joe Rahon will be to help BC out this season. Donahue answered that question with great confidence in the two:

"Olivier and Joe are way more prepared to play at this level (than last year's freshmen)."

Ryan Anderson had the same response when he was asked about the two freshmen.Donahue went on even to say that fans shouldn't be surprised if Joe and Olivier will be playing 30 minutes per game this year.

Conte Forum has long been known as a quiet arena, but Coach Donahue wants to change that:

"We have to continue to improve Conte Forum so that we make the experience more intimate for the fans."

Concluding, Steve talked about the team this season:

"I feel good about who we have and I think we're going to be a pretty good basketball team."

Donahue also talked about how this team will be a good team in Februrary, but the question remains if they can beat teams after that (ACC Tournament, NIT/NCAA?).

Ryan Anderson was obviously BC's best player last season, but he was mostly talking about the improvement of the team. He discussed the team's confidence going into this season:

"We have so much more confidence this year. We basically went in with our eyes closed last season."

He also talked about BC's biggest improvement from last season:

"Biggest improvement will be consistency, on offense & defense."

Dennis Clifford was mostly talking about how he improved, since he was described by Donahue as the most improved player for BC this offseason. He talked about his strength, which is much improved compared to when he began his freshman year:

"My main focus was to get stronger. I spent 2-3 hours a day in the gym over the summer."

Clifford also talked about how Coach Donahue has helped him not pick up fouls, which will be crucial considering BC's lack of proven depth in the frontcourt:

"Coach has stressed be smart, give up easy 2 points than foul & get taken out of a game early."

Go Eagles!

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