Born Into It (challenge answered Sparky)

[Ed. note -- Front Page'd]

It's funny, around the time DRubes12 was making his fan post, I was considering the same. I'm right there with him. As a lifelong fan watching this descent has been painful, and watching the administration ignore it has been even worse.

I've spent more than 25 years supporting this team, looking forward to Saturday, game day. mom and Dad used to carry me into the games before I could walk. I remember loving the drawing on the program covers as a kid, the BC eagle chasing the Penn State Nittany Lion into a tree or stomping ND's Leprechaun. I remember (vaguely) when they used to set up temporary bleachers in the end zone for big games. When people asked me who my favorite football player was, I said Doug Flutie, even though he was playing in Canada.

Dad is a BC alum. he grew up in Brighton, sneaking into games as a kid. Even in lean years he always looked for the best in the program. He always enjoyed BC football. He understood there's going to down years. He'd always stay to the very end no matter what the score or the weather was like. We could leave after Hail Alma Mater. During the FSU game he stopped watching after the 3rd quarter, and stopped caring at halftime.

When getting married my wife knew there was no chance we were getting married on a Saturday during BC season. And she was cool with it. She didn't want to miss a game either. I had to get an extra season ticket for her shortly after we started dating. She fell in love with BC football. I was born into it, she married into it.

we started out with 2 season tickets. We're now up to 7, with other friends showing up when they can. Other than dad none of us are alumni. We're football fans. We're BC fans. We sit in the cheap seats because that's where we've always sat. And we love it up there. There used to be a core group of us season ticket holders up there. We didn't even know each others names. We just knew every game, every year we'd all be there. The last few years its become less and less. Why get season tickets when you can Stub Hub tickets at half the price? Why spend the money on season tickets when BC is becoming a train wreck?

How are the fans and the players expected to show passion in the team when the head coach doesn't? When the recently retired AD didn't? I know John Gruden isn't coming to BC. I'll take another Tom O'Brien or Jack Bicknell.

I'm one of the people an acclaimed national sportswriter attacked on Twitter for expressing a belief that Spaz needed to go. He challenged me, questioned my passion for BC. Well Sparky, this is why I complain on Twitter. This is why I call out Spaz and reporters who defend him. We're not being jerks, we're making our voices heard. We the fans, the students and the alumni deserve better. The players deserve better. We are BC. Whether A Jersey Guy likes it or not.

I'll renew my season tickets next year. I'll complain all off season that I'm done with them, then do it anyway. And when the tickets come in it will be like Christmas in August just like it has been for most of my life. Brad Bates gives me hope.I hope he listens to the fans. I hope he wanders through Shea Field, shaking hands and meeting the fans. I hope he makes himself available at the spring game to meet and greet fans. I hope he actually pays attention to the customer satisfaction surveys they send out. Don't mock us on Twitter, listen to what we have to say. We want to help you build the BC football team back up.

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