Frank Spaziani's Last Remaining Defender Lobs Grenades At Boston College Fans Everywhere

Jared Wickerham - Getty Images

Never change ... Never change.

I stopped reading after Brad Bates was hired as Boston College's new Athletics Director, figuring he didn't add much to the conversation after whiffing on A.D. candidate after A.D. candidate. But Twitter went bat shit crazy tonight after Blaudschun called out fellow BC blogger Eagle in Atlanta, so I decided to read his latest puff piece in defense of Boston College football coach Frank Spaziani.

Because this is what he wanted, read this first. I'll wait.

OK, note the "grenade" Mark Blaudschun "lobbed" at Boston College fans everywhere? Here it is.

Frank Spaziani and I were friends before he took over as the head coach at BC. We will be friends when he is no longer the head coach and that will probably be by December.

That will be too bad. Spaz is a good man who loves BC as much or more than any of his critics.

Frankly, I'm sick and tired of an outsider repeatedly telling us another outside cares about Boston College more than an alumnus. Blaudschun is falling into the same trap that outgoing Athletics Director Gene DeFilippo made (and that's probably not a coincidence) -- failing to grasp the concept that the customer, not the employee, is always right.

Without Boston College fans and Frank Spaziani critics, there is no Boston College football program. There's no one buying tickets or financially supporting the Athletics Department. There is no content that drives internet eyeballs to and there's no one reading his former Boston Globe beat now penned by Julian Benbow. The customer is always right. As such, the last thing you want to do is troll BC's loyal fan base or Eagles bloggers that put in far more hours into their hobby than beat writers put into their full-time jobs. It might give him a few extra unique visitors to his site in the short-term, but over the long term this is a terrible business strategy if he's serious about building up his post-beat website.

DeFilippo couldn't grasp this point either towards the end of his tenure, trolling BC fans with his comments about the "best coach in the last 15 years" and how this program was headed in the right way. There is no more defense. There are no more excuses that can possibly justify the current trajectory of Boston College's football program. One can write about injuries, suspensions, youth and inexperience in defense of a friend until they come down with Carpal Tunnel. It doesn't change the undeniable fact that Frank Spaziani has failed as Boston College football coach and should be relieved of his duties as soon as possible. You don't need press credentials or to go up to Spaz and ask him why he's so bad at his job to reach this conclusion.

Please don't forget that this is your program. Boston College football will be here long after Blaudschun, DeFilippo and Spaziani all hang them up and enjoy retirement. Don't let outsiders tell you how much you care about Boston College and Boston College football because, without you, there is no program.

And by the way, "DOA" is not an acronym for an Athletics Director. It is, however, an acronym for the state of the Boston College football program that DeFilippo and (soon) Frank Spaziani leave behind.

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