2012 Senior Bowl: BC's Donnie Fletcher Receives Mixed Reviews

Saturday was one of the final college football games of the season -- the year-end Senior Bowl. Don't know if anyone actually watched it, but the North won 23-13, led by Cincinnati running back Isiah Pead who was named the game's MVP. Michigan State quarterback Kirk Cousins and "All Russell Wilson Everything" had solid games for the North.

Because Boston College football only had a handful of seniors this season, they only received one player invitation. Cornerback Donnie Fletcher got the nod, and played some serious minutes for the North as well.

Coaches had lots of positive things to say about him including Minnesota Vikings secondary coach Joe Woods:

"Really like Donnie,’’ Woods said. "He’s a very competitive player. And he’s physical. He’s a longer guy, angular, but he plays physical.

Woods also praised Fletcher's Game IQ:

"He’s a detail guy, he always asks questions, and that’s what you want from guys in the room,’’ Woods said. "You don’t want guys coming out on the field and having questions and not ask you. So in the meeting room, if he has any questions, he always speaks up and asks questions. Love that about him.’’

Great to hear that coaches looked so highly upon Fletcher, especially based on how Fletcher played on the field. He struggled in coverage, getting burned by some of the South's faster receivers. But could there be a change in position in Fletcher's future? In the Boston Globe report there was an interesting nugget:

"Fletcher (6 feet, 201 pounds) had some issues in coverage because he doesn’t have blazing speed. Some scouts feel he might end up at a safety in the NFL."

Plays physically and has good size? It sounds like a move to safety would be a great fit for Fletcher.

Earlier this winter, the internet pegged Fletcher as a late third round or early fourth round pick but with this possible change in position it could be interesting to see how that affects his stock. Fletcher never blew me away with his coverage skills -- though the pick against N.C. State was awesome -- so a switch to safety could play to his strong suits.

Many college defensive backs make the change from corner to safety to make in the NFL. Recent examples include Devin McCourty of the Patriots, who played DB at Rutgers but due to coverage issues switched over to safety for New England. Fletcher has the natural gifts to be successful in the NFL, with good size, and most importantly a good head on his shoulders. I'm guessing we will be hearing more about #4 on Sundays for years to come.

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