Cautiously Optimistic Outlook On Boston College Football

[Ed. note -- Bumped]

Several caveats for this post. First, this is not an endorsement of Spaz. I honestly think that much of any improvment that occurs next season will be because of the players, Jim Bollman and Doug Martin. Second, this is not an endorsement of the Bleacher Report for their usually inaccurate analysis. Third, I am honestly not that optimistic but I have to look for hope somewhere.

With all of that being said, check out this article.

Point 1: We did get some decent recruits in 2011

As sophmores, these players will make a much bigger contribution in 2012. Specifically, I'm eager to see what Brian Miller can bring to the table. IF Doug Martin can effectively orchestrate a higher octane offense, IF Chase Rettig develops and continues where he left from the Miami game, and IF Spaz doesn't screw it all up like he did with Kevin Rogers, we could have a good year. We're returning 19 starters next year I believe. Our defense began to look solid especially in the latter half of the season against Notre Dame, N.C. State and Miami. The potential is there to have some good success next year. This is a where a good head coach figures in. These pieces will fall into place with a good coach, or we could be just as crappy next year in spite of all the potential. Much of our success also rides on Chase Rettig's shoulders.

Point 2: We still have to face a lot of talented teams next year

Even if we play well we're going to have a tough time with Notre Dame, Clemson, Florida State, Virginia Tech, Georgia Tech and N.C. State. Even with a good team that is clicking, we face the possibility of losing to many teams who simply have better players and better coaches.

Point 3: This is more of a question than a point. What happens if we do somehow succeed next year and achieve perhaps a 7-8 win season?

It seems evident from Rivals and Scouts articles that Spaziani is focusing heavily on the 2013 recruiting class. There are dozens of articles about recruits who are coming to Junior Day and about high level recruits who are seriously considering BC. Would a moderately successful season, put us back on track in the recruiting department? Can we land these recruits? I don't know, but I sure hope so.


A lot of pieces all have to fall in place and go perfectly in order to rebuild the program. Doug Martin has to be an offensive genius. Chase Rettig has to seriously improve. The defense has to be stellar. Spaziani has to recruit his ass off in 2012 (to make up for this season). If I was a betting man I would bet against us. What I think most fans agree on, is that 2012 is a do or die year for BC football. If we succeed, good on Spaziani and crew. If not, cut bait and pray there are as many good HC candidates next year as there were this year.

P.S. Boy was David Solar wrong on his conclusory remarks in the article.

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