Frank Spaziani Finalizes 2012 Boston College Football Staff

CLEMSON, SC - OCTOBER 8: Boston College Eagles head coach Frank Spaziani looks on during the game against the Clemson Tigers at Memorial Stadium on October 8, 2011 in Clemson, South Carolina. Clemson won 36-14. (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images)

Today, Spaz confirmed that BC will retain the services of interim offensive coordinator Dave Brock, moving him to Special Teams coach for the 2012 season. This move finalizes BC's coaching staff for 2012.

Here's a look at each of the coaching changes over Spaz's first three seasons as head coach of the Eagles.

Offensive Coordinator / QB coach
2009: Gary Tranquill
2010: Gary Tranquill
2011: Kevin Rogers, Dave Brock (interim)
2012: Doug Martin

The Kevin Rogers / Dave Brock duo seemed to be an upgrade over the Gary Tranquill experiment, though I think the jury is still out on whether Martin will be an improvement over Brock. Hopefully the Eagles open up the playbook a bit more next season, but I have reservations about how working with his fourth OC in three years will have on Chase Rettig's maturation.

Offensive Line / Running game coordinator
2009: Sean Devine
2010: Sean Devine
2011: Sean Devine
2012: Jim Bollman

Bollman appears to be an upgrade as compared to his predecessor. The offensive line continued to regress under Devine's watch, and hopefully Bollman can help coach up the O-Line this coming season. Devine is moving from OL coach to working with the tight ends.

Tight ends coach
2009: Dave Brock
2010: Dave Brock
2011: Dave Brock, Ben Johnson (interim)
2012: Sean Devine

Lost in the most recent shuffle is grad assistant Ben Johnson, who was called on to coach the tight ends after Kevin Rogers leave of absence and Brock's promotion to OC.

Special Teams coach
2009: Mike Dawson
2010: Mike Dawson
2011: Mike Dawson
2012: Dave Brock

On the whole, the kicking game was decent this year. Quigley was great on punts and kickoffs and though Freese struggled on field goal attempts, I thought the kicking game was improved this season. Kickoff and punt returns continue to be an issue, though the emergence of Spiffy Evans as a return man was welcomed. My hope is Brock can breathe some new life into BC's return unit.

There have been no change to running backs (Ben Sirmans), wide receivers (Ryan Day), defensive coordinator (McGovern), defensive backs / recruiting coordinator (Mike Siravo) or defensive line (Jeff Commissiong) during Spaz's tenure as coach.

Overall, I like the coaching changes going into this season. We'll see if the new set of offensive and special teams coaches can help turn things around for Boston College in 2012. Leave your thoughts on the 2012 coaching staff below.

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