ACC Expansion And Divisional Realignment

[Ed. note -- Edited, Front Page'd]

With the ACC currently getting ready to go through the expansion process of redoing schedules, divisions and the sort, what does the BC Interruption community feel about the upcoming division being? I do feel that the ACC might be going 16 teams eventually, but I think it will be 14 teams for at least two seasons. If this is the case, then the ACC will need to redo the conference divisional make up, possibly scuttling the Atlantic and Coastal set up as having Boston College and Syracuse in one division will hurt be two long roads trip for teams in the Atlantic. This would also be a pain for teams in the Coastal to travel all the way up and down the Atlantic seaboard as well. Not to mention with the two new teams added, traditional rivalries would need to get some love. 

My thought with how the ACC should switch it up: go to 7 teams North/South Divisions at the NC/VA border, with one catch:

ACC North: Boston College, Syracuse, Pittsburgh, Maryland, Virginia, Virginia Tech, Miami
ACC South: North Carolina, N.C. State, Wake Forest, Duke, Clemson, Georgia Tech, Florida State

This conference split allows for regional rivalries, keeping the ACC "bus league" in tact. It also does allows for Miami to be back involved with its old rivals, and keeps each team playing one game in/against against the fertile talent recruitment area of Florida. A nine game conference schedule should also be put in place to kill off so many of those god awful I-AA games. The cross-divisional rivals could be:

-- North Carolina vs. Virginia
-- Georgia Tech vs. Virginia Tech
-- Florida State vs. Miami
-- Duke vs. Maryland
-- Wake Forest vs. Syracuse
-- Clemson vs. Boston College
-- N.C. State vs. Pittsburgh

This is a guess, as I think Maryland could also end up playing NCSU and Clemson vs Pitt. This also renews the BC-Miami series. So BCI, does this thought stream look good enough for John Swofford to completely avoid it? How would you feel about getting the BC-Miami series back? And do we do any other tweaking to fix the rest of it?

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