The Eagles' 0-2 start this season has put most Superfans in unfamiliar territory. Most fans are used to Boston College coming out of the gate strong, as evidenced by the fact that BC hasn't started a season 0-2 since the 1994 season under Henning.

I thought it would be interesting to see if Boston College's football past could give us any sliver of hope that the Eagles can turn things around this season. As it turns out, of the 112 season of Boston College football, the program has started the season 0-2 just 24 times. The last two times, in fact, BC has turned things around, compiled a winning record and making a bowl game. 

Though BC has turned things around after its last two 0-2 starts, the odds are heavily stacked against the Eagles posting a winning record this season. Of the 24 times BC has started 0-2, in just six of those seasons has the program finished with a winning record (1913, 1959, 1974, 1977, 1993 and 1994). The Eagles have made a bowl game in just two of those 24 seasons, though both happen to be the last two times BC started in an 0-2 hole. 

-- 6 of 24 (25%) ... BC turned things around and achieved a winning record.
-- 5 of 24 (20.8%) ... BC finished winless on the year, though this has only happened once in the modern era (1978)
-- 2 of 24 (8.3%) ... BC made the postseason, though this is misleading because in over half those seasons there weren't bowl games to be played.

After the jump, a look at Boston College's 24 seasons where the Eagles started the season 0-2. For achieving this dubious feat twice, Tom Coughlin, Jack Bicknell, Sr., Joe Yukica, Mike Holovak, "Hiker" Joy and John Dunlop are officially on notice. 

So what do you think? Does BC have a chance in hell of getting to seven wins this season? Any brave souls willing to predict the Eagles turn this thing around?

Year Coach Started Finished Winning Record? Bowl?
1894 William Nagle 0-2 1-6 No No
1895 Joseph Lawless 0-2 2-4-2 No No
1898 John Dunlop 0-2 2-5-1 No No
1901 John Dunlop 0-2 2-7 No No
1902 Arthur White 0-2 0-8 No No
1909 Charles McCarthy 0-2 3-4-1 No No
1910 James Hart 0-2 0-4-2 No No
1911 Joseph Courtney 0-2 0-7 No No
1912 William P. "Hiker" Joy 0-2 2-4-1 No No
1913 William P. "Hiker" Joy 0-2 4-3-1 Yes No
1915 Stephen Mahoney 0-2 3-4 No No
1927 D. Leo Daley 0-2 4-4 No No
1951 Michael J. "Mike" Holovak 0-2 3-6 No No
1959 Michael J. "Mike" Holovak 0-2 5-4 Yes No
1960 Ernie Hefferle 0-2 3-6-1 No No
1966 James J. "Jim" Miller 0-2 4-6 No No
1974 Joseph "Joe" Yukica 0-2 8-3 Yes No
1977 Joseph "Joe" Yukica 0-2 6-5 Yes No
1978 Ed Chlebek 0-2 0-11 No No
1989 Jack Bicknell, Sr. 0-2 2-9 No No
1990 Jack Bicknell, Sr. 0-2 4-7 No No
1991 Tom Coughlin 0-2 4-7 No No
1993 Tom Coughlin 0-2 9-3 Yes Yes
1994 Dan Henning 0-2 7-4-1 Yes Yes
2011 Frank Spaziani 0-2 ?? ?? ??
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