Boston College Depth Chart For Northwestern Game

The year's first depth chart is out and the biggest surprise has to be that Dave Shinskie will be starting at QB. Just kidding. Definitely the biggest news on the chart is that Andre Williams will be playing and of course is listed as the starter at running back. Woohoo, let's not jump off the bridge yet. On the other hand Nathan Richman is out, and the magical carousel of offensive linemen will continue.

Secondly, Hampton Hughes will be starting at safety. Yes, the same Hampton Hughes who was just converted to the position less than a month ago. Playing against two all Big Ten WR's and Dan Persa. Suffice it to say, I am a little worried about the pass defense on Saturday. That being said, Donnie Fletcher -- who was held out of the scrimmage -- is back on the depth charge which is huge for the Eagles.

Also on the defensive end of the ball Steele Divitto ended up beating out Nick Clancy for the start SLB. Kaleb Ramsey will be ready to go after getting dinged up in fall practices. Also there are a ton of freshman and redshirted freshman set to play on defense. Spaz must be happy with some of his recent recruits progress to put them up there.

Also the wide receiver depth chart is different than usual. Last year, Tranquill would have a FB listed and two WR's on his depth chart. This year Kevin Rogers has three wide receivers listed as starters and no full back. Very strange. Will he be incorporating more 3 WR sets or dare I say some spread offense? This may just be a foreshadow into an offensive gameplan that is very foreign to BC fans who have watched the team recently.

Full depth chart after the jump.


WR Ifeanyi Momah 6-6 229 Sr.
Johnathan Coleman 6-4 208 So.

WR Bobby Swigert 6-1 184 So.
Donte Elliott 6-0 195 Jr. OR  Spiffy Evans 6-0 173 Fr.

WR Colin Larmond, Jr. 6-3 202 Jr.
Alex Amidon 5-11 185 So.

LT John Wetzel 6-8, 303, Jr.
Nathan Richman 6-6 298 Sr.

LG Mark Spinney 6-4 282 Sr.
Bobby Vardaro 6-5, 301 R-Fr.

C Andy Gallik 6-3 284 R-Fr.
Bryan Davis 6-3 290 R-So.

RG Ian White 6-5 288 So.
Harris Williams 6-4 298 R-Fr.

RT Emmett Cleary 6-7 300 Jr.
Seth Betancourt 6-6 304 R-Fr.

TE Chris Pantale 6-6 251 Jr.
Lars Anderson 6-3 236 Sr.

QB Chase Rettig 6-3 212 So.
Dave Shinskie 6-4, 220, Jr. OR Mike Marscovetra 6-4 210 Jr.

RB  Andre Williams 6-0 216 So.
Tahj Kimble 5-11 210 R-Fr.


DE Max Holloway 6-2 253 Jr.
Mehdi Abdesmad 6-6 264 Fr.

LT Kaleb Ramsey 6-3 302 Sr.
Dominic Appiah 6-5 286 R-Fr.

RT Dillon Quinn 6-6 292 So.
Conor O'Neal 6-3 299 Jr.

DE Kasim Edebali 6-2 248 So.
Connor Wujciak 6-4 250 Fr.

SLB Steele Divitto 6-3 225 So.
Nick Clancy 6-3 237 Jr.

MLB Luke Kuechly 6-3 235 Jr.
Jake Sinkovec 6-4 234 So.

WLB Kevin Pierre-Louis 6-1 212 So.
Will Thompson 6-1 236 Sr.

FC Donnie Fletcher 6-1 195 Sr.
Al Louis-Jean, Jr. 6-2 183 Fr.

SS Jim Noel 6-4 185 Jr.
Dominique Williams 6-0 209 So.

FS Hampton Hughes 6-3 200 Jr.
Sean Sylvia 6-0, 196 R-Fr.

BC C.J. Jones 5-11 178 So.
James McCaffrey 5-10 198 R-Fr.


Special Teams

Nate Freese 6-0 181 So.
Ryan Quigley 6-3 188 Sr. 

Ryan Quigley 6-3 188 Sr.
Gerald Levano 6-2 210 Jr.

S Sean Flaherty 6-2 220 Jr.
Mark Spinney 6-4 282 Sr.

Gerald Levano 6-2 210 Jr.
Ryan Quigley 6-3 188 Sr.

PR Bobby Swigert 6-1 184 So.
Tahj Kimble 5-11 210 R-Fr.

KR Bobby Swigert 6-1 184 So.
Dominique Williams 6-0 209 So.

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