Northwestern's Dan Persa Still Limping, But Will Be Ready For September 3?

EVANSTON IL - OCTOBER 23: Dan Persa #7 of the Northwestern Wildcats looks for a receiver against the Michigan State Spartans at Ryan Field on October 23 2010 in Evanston Illinois. Michigan State defeated Northwestern 35-27. (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) *** Local Caption *** Dan Persa

Injuries can certainly shape the perspective and outlook of a game. Last week Boston College lost Montel Harris and potentially Andre Williams to separate injuries and immediately fans started to panic. For a team like Northwestern who has little or no run defense, this was huge news. But what about injuries to the Wildcats? Mainly their star QB Dan Persa

The Chicago Tribune is reporting that Persa is nowhere near 100%.

"He was limping. Not a good sign from a guy on the rebound from right Achilles' tendon surgery in November. "I just think it's from nine months of walking like that," Persa said. "It's tough to get it out of my head. When I run and cut, I don't feel like I'm limping."

This is not the kind of news you want to hear if you are a 'Cats fan. It doesn't even sound like he is around 75 percent. You certainly don't want to hear about your mobile QB is struggling to run. Even the NU QB who has spawned a Heisman campaign off his strength -- he can bench 365 pounds and squat 520 -- sounds hesitant about his health:

‘I'm rehabbing three or four times a day, and it really does a number on your body,'' Persa said.

‘‘In the past couple of weeks, it has been pain-free, which is encouraging. It gets better every day.'' But when pressed about having a limp, which it seems he has had at times throughout camp, Persa said maybe he does and maybe he doesn't. When I run, I feel it a little bit.''

BC's defense will be the first real test for Persa, and Spaziani and company must be salivating at the thought of a wounded QB. Persa says he is ready to go, but there is a real possibility that the coaches could sit him and let backup QB Kain Colter start instead. That would be a huge advantage for Boston College as Colter has only made 9 throws in his career. 

Honestly it would make sense for Northwestern to sit Persa, even if it made them even greater underdogs against BC? Would you really want to risk an entire season by putting your star QB in at less than 100 percent against a great D like BC? Wouldn't it seem more logical to rest him a week, strength and rehab more, and be ready for a fluff cake matchup against Eastern Illinois?

Right now the Pat Fitzgerald and the NU coaching staff have stayed non-committal about Persa's chances for playing against BC. They have expressed that they will evaluate him "day by day," but with only 11 days left before the opener, you have to wonder if Persa will be ready for the BC game.

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