Could BC Play Against the 2011 Heisman Trophy Winner This Season?

CHARLOTTE NC - DECEMBER 04: EJ Manuel #3 of the Florida State Seminoles drops back to pass against the Virginia Tech Hokies during their game at Bank of America Stadium on December 4 2010 in Charlotte North Carolina. (Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images)

BC has a tough schedule, possibly one of the toughest in the nation. Here on BCI we have looked at the Eagles' Octobergeddon and their difficult non-conference schedule. But what about the talent BC will be facing this season? Just looking at the Heisman odds, BC has at least six Heisman hopefuls on their schedule. Heisman trophies most commonly go to players who are on National Contenders,

RB David Wilson (Virginia Tech)

Wilson has a lot of things going for him. He plays on the 17th ranked rushing offense in the country, Darren Evans and Ryan Williams are gone and my god does Virginia Tech has a cupcake schedule. A non-conference schedule of Marshall, Arkansas State, East Carolina and Appalachian State?  Combine all of those and you have a great skill player who very well could be playing on a top ten team, that loves to run the ball.

Current Heisman Odds 90/1

QB E.J. Manuel (Florida State)

Manuel is going to be the key for a team with huge expectations this year. Manuel showed smatterings of greatness last year average 9.3 yards a pass in limited action and the ability to run when needed. The road will be much more difficult for Manuel, who has to play some primo defenses this year. Starting off the season against Oklahoma and ending the season with Florida at the Swamp with a smattering of BC, Clemson and Maryland in between.

Current Heisman Odds: 60/1

QB Dayne Crist and WR Michael Floyd (Notre Dame)

Crist is not going to be winning a Heisman award, he's solid but not great (15 TD's to 7 INT), and Michael Floyd is a Wide Receiver. Only one WR has ever won the Heisman, and the also happened to play at Notre Dame (Tim Brown in 1987). There have been many other great wide receivers who were better than Floyd, and they didn't win. I just don't see it happening with Floyd. 

Current Heisman Odds: Crist 75/1 Floyd 40/1(????)

QB Danny O'Brien  (Maryland) -- I love what this kid did last year, but as I've said before I'm predicting a sophomore slump for O'Brien. First off he has Randy Edsall and Gary Crowton calling the plays now, both coming from putrid passing offenses, and both of O'Brien's main targets are gone from the program. Plus as I've said before, being a national contender is a must, and that is not going to be in the cards for Maryland this season.

Current Heisman Odds: 75/1

QB Dan Persa (Northwestern)

Ok, I have to admit I am kind of smitten with Dan Persa, in a totally platonic "I love this kids game" sort of way. He has everything you would want in a Heisman candidate. He's strong, quick, and can score both on his arm and his legs. Bruce Feldman called Persa the 5th strongest player in college football, which has led to a media and social media blitz on the term "Persastrong".  And it doesn't hurt that Northwestern has brought the battle to Bristol Connecticut. Persa's road to the Heisman won't be easy, as he has Iowa, Nebraska and BC on his schedule this season.

Current Heisman Odds: 95/1

In all likelihood the Heisman will come out of the SEC or from someone like LaMichael James or Russell Wilson. But you never know. Virginia Tech has a very easy schedule and Dan Persa and E.J. Manuel have the skill sets to pull of a miracle. Given this list, do you think the Heisman Winner will face off against BC this season?

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