Boston College's New Football Helmet In A "Got To Go" Situation

Boston College football's new look helmets

Yesterday, Boston College unveiled their new look football uniforms for the 2011 season as part of Football Media Day. In general, I am good with the changes, even if they are a tad too Seminoles-ish for my liking. I could not, however, get past the change to Boston College's football helmets.

Here's what SB Nation's Sean Keeley had to say about BC's new lids:

"One thing to notice, aside from how much some of them resemble the San Francisco 49ers, is that weird stuff going on in the helmet stripe.

BC is referring to all of that nonsense as "stain glassing." Makes me want to grab some water paints and start coloring in the little shapes."

Umm ... great. So immediately following the game we can all sit down together and have arts & crafts time, coloring by number the white stained glass windowpanes while singing the alma mater?

Today, Eagle in Atlanta came out against the triple-striped, "stain glassed" helmets, citing a lack of tradition, general fugliness and a strange resemblance to the San Francisco 49ers helmets sans decal. Not only am I going to support our BC blogger partner-in crime in this eval, I'm going to take it a step further:

This helmet is in a "got to go" situation.

I would implore Gene, the Athletics Department, Under Armour, hell even UA CEO Kevin Plank himself to go back to BC's traditional* helmets. So go and write -- or Tweet -- the Director of Athletics. Write Under Armour. Write Kevin Plank. Basically let anyone willing to listen know that these helmets stink and have to go. 

There's still time. With three weeks left until the 2011 college football season, there's got to be a few of the 2010 helmets sitting around, right? While I'm all for rolling out these helmets for a special occasion here or there, I'm not supporting these helmets serving as BC's primary lids.

We knew that the Under Armour-ization of the football uniforms was a possibility when BC signed its current apparel deal with UA. I'm cool with the changes to the uniform, but why did they have to go and mess with the helmets? This is what happens when traditional college football programs take uniform tweaks too far.

Change the helmets back, BC. It's not too late.

* Well, traditional since 1991, anyhow

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