Boston College Football: Who Are This Year's Breakout Performance Candidates?

[Ed. note -- Edited, Front Page'd]

Bringing in Kevin Rogers helped the offense a lot. The defense is young and will be even better this year. So who are you're picks for breakout performers this year? Well, here are mine:


Chase Rettig -- Rogers-Rettig sounds good on paper. If Rettig develops from experience, I can see him in the top 5 or 6 quarterbacks in the ACC this year.

Andre Williams / Rolandan Finch / Tahj Kimble -- We all know Montel Harris is a stud, and barring injury, will probably break the ACC's rushing record this year. But behind Harris are 3 talented backs. Williams has good speed and a lot of power. Finch was once a highly-prized recruit, but he was slowed by injuries. He's more of a complete back. Kimble is big on speed, and he showed flashes in the BC spring game.

Chris Pantale -- Pantale was very good last year, but he definitely has room to get better. He is a big tight end who is a good blocker and good reciever, but he needs to get faster.

Shakim Phillips / Alex Amidon / Bobby Swigert -- People don't talk about Phillips enough. He was once an amazing reciever in New Jersey, and he rarely played last year because of injuries. But he may just be the fastest player on the team. He also may be the most athletic reciever on the team. Of course, Amidon amerged as a deep threat last year, but he could get stronger. Swigert will probably improve too. He's a good slot receiver.

Colin Larmond Jr. -- Larmond missed the 2010 season because of a Torn ACL 20 days before the season, but he should emerge this spring as the best receiver on the team. He is a big-play receiver, and has good height and speed. It should be interesting how he adjust from Shinskie to Rettig.


Kaleb Ramsey -- With the departure of Damik Scafe, Ramsey and Max Holloway return as the lone starters with experience on the defensive line. Ramsey is a fast and powerful DT, who stuffs the run and pass rushes pretty well.

Max Holloway / Kasim Edebali -- Holloway is a good pass rusher, and he showed it when he started the last 6 games last season and recorded 4 sacks. He's got good speed off the edge. Edebali is more of a run stuffer, but he is the most versatile player on the D-line.

Donnie Fletcher / Albert Louis-Jean -- It looks like these 2 will be the cornerback starters when we begin the year, so let's discuss these 2's talents. Fletcher had 5 interceptions, tied for 22nd in the Nation.He's a very atheltic cover corner. Louis-Jean has multiple talents, and he is a big corner that is a big-hitter and instinctive corner.

Kevin Pierre-Louis -- Pierre-Louis was only a freshman last year, but he was second on the team with 93 tackles and 59 solo stops. He has good instincts, and is the most athletic linebacker on the team. He even started all 13 games as a true freshman.

Luke Kuechly -- What's amazing is that KUECHLY CAN ACTUALLY GET BETTER THEN WHAT HE WAS LAST YEAR. 183 tackles, 1.5 sacks, and 3 interceptions. Normally, that's a career year for a Heisman contender. Kuechly has been amazing 2 STRAIGHT YEARS! If we see any improvement in these numbers, Kuechly will be a guaranteed top 10 pick next year.

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