Can Harris Break The ACC's All-Time Rushing Record? And The Big Finish

Brian: Interesting tidbit from Andrew Skwara's ACC Post-Spring Football Power Rankings (where the Eagles are ranked 5th in the conference and behind only Florida State and Maryland in the Atlantic). Skwara notes that Montel Harris needs just 1,003 rushing yards to become the ACC's all-time leading rusher. If Harris rushes for 1,003 yards, he would break an ACC record that has stood for over 30 years (N.C. State's Ted Brown, 1975-78).

Now there are certainly a lot of "ifs" at the moment surrounding Harris and the status of his left knee. Will he be 100% for the season opener against Northwestern? Will he get the same number of carries he got in his sophomore and junior years, or will he split the workload more with Andre Williams and Tahj Kimble?

But you have to think Harris is well within striking distance of the ACC's all-time rushing record. Especially considering he rushed for 1,457 yards in 2009 and 1,243 last season. What are the chances Montel breaks a 33 year-old conference rushing record next season? Your thoughts?

Jeff:  The chances are really really good that Harris gets 1,003 or more yards this coming season. He might get a few less touches because Williams has proved himself a worthy backup but I do not see Kimble eating into Harris' carries.

As for Montel's injury, we were hoping to see more of him this spring but no reason to not think he'll be able to get over 1,000 yards this fall with three and a half more months of recovery.


Big Finish

Brian: College Football News has published its way too early 2011-12 bowl predictions, projecting BC to the Music City Bowl in a 2001 rematch against Georgia. Would you go to this game? 

Jeff: It is highly likely I'd be there.


Jeff: Like BC and other ACC schools, Notre Dame needs to beat an SEC team to get respect. Agree?

Brian: Disagree. Beating Navy again on a regular basis would be a start. (Drumroll, please.)


Brian: The BC women drew Wisconsin in the 2011 Big Ten-ACC Women's Basketball Challenge. Which program has the better chance at pulling out the W? The men or the women?

Jeff: The BC women, certainly.


Jeff: Charlie Davies back on the DL but for a much different reason this time. Does this hurt his possibility of returning to Europe?

Brian: I don't think so. Sounds like he might not even miss a game for D.C. United.


Brian: Sporting News took a look at next season's ACC strength of schedule. BC ranked 5th best in the conference, but seriously, how bad is N.C. State's 2011 non-conference sched?

Jeff: Not good, but to be the worst in the conference, I'd say not terrible.


Jeff: Donahue recruiting a post-up player in 7-0, 250-pound center Dennis Clifford. Good news for BC basketball, right?

Brian: Certainly, even if the kid is only four years old.


Brian: Last one. Is Alumni Stadium living on borrowed time and one of the top 10 stadiums in the country in need of a facelift?

Jeff: No, Alumni is not spectacular but it serves the purpose and it has had exterior upgrades recently.

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