Is Boston College Looking To Replace Dave Brock As Offensive Coordinator?

The internet is ablaze with rumors that there may be a coaching change happening within the Boston College football team. No, as much as we may clamor, Frank Spaziani isn't going anywhere. And it doesn't appear that Bill McGovern will be receiving any head coaching offers any time soon. According to BC message boards and suggested by Spaz in Monday's Herald article, Dave Brock may not be the offensive coordinator next season.

As the rumors go, Virginia RB Coach Mike Faragalli was offered Brock's position. Brock isn't leaving BC, but appears to be returning to his role of TE coach. But by late afternoon, UVa message boards were saying that the 52 year old Faragalli was indeed offered the job, but he declined it.

Is he such a hot commodity that he can decline such a job? Is BC such a bad destination, or was there other factors at play that influenced his decision?

Looking at his resume, it's clear that Faragalli doesn't have much of a pedigree:

-- 1979-80 - Rhode Island Rams
-- 1981 - Wisconsin Badgers
-- 1982-84 - William & Mary Tribe
-- 1985-86 - Hamilton Tiger-Cats (OC)
--1987 - Montreal Alouettes (OC)
-- 1988-90 - Edmonton Eskimos (OC)
-- 1991-94 - Bowling Green (OC / QB)
-- 1995 - Toronto Argonauts (HC)
-- 1996-99 Bowling Green Falcons (OC / QB)
-- 2000-07 - Lafayette (OC / QB)
-- 2008-09 - Richmond Spiders (OC / QB)
-- 2010 - Virginia Cavaliers (RB)

A bunch of CFL positions as well as serving as OC at Lafayette and Richmond. Yawn. Sounds like the same old, same old.

If Faragalli is the caliber of Offensive Coordinator that GDF is looking for, what direction is our program going? I am not the biggest Brock fan, but he is far more experienced than Faragalli -- especially at the FBS level. Plus Brock seemed to be putting an offense together that seemed to be working, or at least could work. Wouldn't it make more sense to let him have one more year, especially when a potential higher is probably not much of an upgrade?

Personally, I want to see Brock stay. The only reason for Brock to go is if BC is planning on drastically changing their offensive scheme. I can't imagine Spaz/Coach Flip moving away from the conservative run heavy offense.

What sickens me is if Brock is demoted it will continue to give more ammo for Spaz apologists and GDF. If BC comes out next year and the offense continues to struggle, GDF can stand by his man with his a pre-canned excuse "it's our fourth offensive coordinator in 2 years." Wouldn't changing OC's negate all of the "steps forward" BC took in the second half of the season?

And you have to feel for these kids, especially our quarterback. Chase Rettig needs some consistency and Dave Brock provides that. Please don't make him learn a whole new playbook and start all over again. Forget about replacing Brock. He needs to stay aboard and finish 2012. BC can worry about replacing him if 2012 doesn't pan out.

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