Boston College Basketball: Keys for the URI game

While you first look at URI's record and see it's 2-12, you may think this will be a comfortable win for the young Eagles. However, this game is no cakewalk. After seeing the URI vs. Providence game, I believe there is a chance the Eagles can lose this one. I'm going to the game, so I figured I might do some keys to the game.

1. Slow down the tempo: They are called the "Runnin' Rams" for a reason. Jim Baron's club is most effective when they speed up the tempo. Early on against Providence, the Rams controlled the tempo and took a 14-9 lead. After Providence slowed the tempo a little more and played in the half court, URI had massive problems scoring.

2. Take advantage of URI's press: Jim Baron loves to press, and the young Eagles have had trouble breaking the press before. Jordan Daniels and Gabe Moton are going to have to be good floor leaders and command the team handling the ball. Also, if you break the press, it's going to allow a lot of open shots. Providence broke the press effectively against the Rams, and Providence constantly got easy buckets.

3. Box out and rebound effectively: URI has 2 very good rebounding big men in Jonathan Holton and Orion Outerbridge. The Rams average 37.8 rebounds per game, putting them at 73 in the country. The Eagles big men are going to be tested, so they need to be ready.

4. Don't turn the ball over: URI is at their best when they force a lot of turnovers. Providence turned it over 8 times in 4 minutes against the Rams, but adjusted to only have 11 the rest of the game. And Providence still blew out URI by 19.

5. Make the scoring for both teams come from the perimeter and the free throw line: URI can't shoot, plain and simple. They were 3-20 from 3 against Providence. 3-19 against UCF. 1-12 against Cleveland State. Donahue needs to realize that he can easily beat URI if the scoring for both teams comes from the perimeter and free throw line. URI gave Providence 35, yes, 35, free throws. Providence only made 22, but 22 points is a lot.

Prediction: I think BC wins the game, but URI is always really pesky and hangs around a lot until the end.



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