The 2011 All-ACC Team, The BC Talent Gap And The Big Finish

MIAMI GARDENS, FL - NOVEMBER 25: Rolandan Finch #28 of the Boston College Eagles rushes during a game against the Miami Hurricanes at Sun Life Stadium on November 25, 2011 in Miami Gardens, Florida. (Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)

Brian: On Monday, the ACSMA announced the 2011 All-ACC football team. Surprisingly, no player from the top two defenses in the conference -- Florida State and Virginia Tech -- made the All-ACC first team defense. Virginia Tech defensive coordinator Bud Foster did not take too kindly to this news:

"That goes to show you what whoever votes on it knows," said Foster. "I think it's a slap in the face now that I hear about it because I'd put our defense up against anybody in the league . . . I'm disappointed for our kids if that's the case, I really am, because we've got some kids that have played extremely, extremely well. Our record says enough for us, but obviously that means people don't give us enough respect, in my opinion, that we deserve."

There weren't similar outcries coming from Chestnut Hill, where the Eagles placed just one player on the first and second teams. That player was obviously All-American linebacker Luke Kuechly, who was the only unanimous selection on the defensive side of the ball. Other than Kuechly though, nada. Not even an honorable mention.

As Saturday on Shea points out, BC's one selection is the lowest total number of players recognized in the Eagles' seven years in the ACC.

2005 -- 7 Eagles named All- ACC selections, either first or second team or honorable mention
2006 -- 7
2007 -- 10
2008 -- 9
2009 -- 7
2010 -- 4
2011 -- 1

Clearly individuals don't exactly stand out when you play on a 4-8 team, and the fact that BC stunk this year certainly doesn't help any other Eagles chances at landing on this list. But still that is a pretty stark drop off in individual players recognized. Who's to blame for this perceived talent gap? Is it a talent gap? And if so, can you chalk this up entirely to the recruiting efforts of the previous coaching staff?

Jeff: The previous coaching staff and the previous staff is not all that different. There is a different head man but a lot of staff members have been around a while. So if it is because of recruiting efforts, then is it really the previous staff's fault, or is it the current staff, or is it some combination of the two.

Big Finish

Brian: The Athletics Department is calling this BC-BU Rivalry weekend. But a BC-BU rivalry in hoops? Seems a little forced, no?

Jeff: Yes, there's no such thing really.

Jeff: Dabo Swinney might be on the hot seat soon if Clemson doesn't beat South Carolina next season, but in the meantime, fans love his passion including him firing back at Spurrier. Would you call Swinney the anti-Spaz when dealing with fans and the media?

Brian: No. Swinney may be on the complete opposite spectrum of Spaz in dealing with the fans and the media, but he doesn't really get it either.

Brian: Today's Herald article focuses on BC's improvement throughout the year on the O-Line. Did you see an improvement throughout the year?

Jeff: Game by game for the full year? No. But improvement in the last five game vs the first five for sure.

Jeff: There was another controversial goal disallowed in last night's hockey game. It just is not BC's year in all sports, right? Is that the only explanation?

Brian: Last night was a truly bizarre game all around.

Brian: The Big Ten crushed the ACC 8-4 in this year's Challenge. What does it mean?

Jeff: The ACC just doesn't have the depth in basketball it did a few years ago and Ohio State is really good.

Jeff: Who has the best chance of pulling the upset -- Clemson, Michigan State or Georgia?

Brian: Clemson, simply because they crush the Hokies during the regular season.

Brian: Last one. Boston College hosts BU hoops and former assistant Joe Jones on Saturday. Do the young Eagles get back in the W column?

Jeff: I think they will. BU has a losing record including a loss to Donahue's former team Cornell.

Pick 5


Virginia Tech (-7) vs. Clemson
Southern Miss vs. Houston (-14)
Texas (+3) at Baylor
Georgia vs. LSU (-13.5)
Michigan State (+10) vs. Wisconsin


Virginia Tech vs. Clemson (+7)
Southern Miss (+14) vs. Houston
Oklahoma at Oklahoma State (-3.5)
Michigan State vs. Wisconsin (-10)
UNLV (+39) at TCU

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