Boston College Vs. Florida State Football Drinking Game

TALLAHASSEE, FL - SEPTEMBER 17: A Florida State Seminoles fan before a game against the Oklahoma Sooners at Doak Campbell Stadium on September 17, 2011 in Tallahassee, Florida. (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

In our previous two installments of the Boston College drinking game, we featured two games that the Eagles played on the road. Tomorrow I will be at the game, and although BC doesn't allow beers into Alumni, we are going to play "let's pretend" that you have beer in the game to make this a little more interesting. Feel free to leave ideas for those of you unlucky souls who have to watch this game from your warm comfy home, apartment or dwelling. 

Pregame festivities 

If you remember the 2005 ACC Opening Game for BC...DRINK ONE

If you remember the 2007 FSU home game.....oh god MAKE IT STOP

If you remember the 2009 FSU game......SIP IT NICE AND SLOW......AHHHHHHH THATS BETTER

Game-time drinking

Kuechly blows up an option play...DRINK ONE

Kuechly blows up a draw to the running back....DRINK TWO

Kuechly saves a touchdown.....WATERFALLLLLLLLL

If the FSU crowd and their tomahawk chop of doom is louder than the BC student section....Finish your beer and throw it at the student section

If E.J. Manuel runs the option for large chunks of yards, and does so until your eyes bleed, just drink. It's going to be a long night.

If a FSU receiver completely burns the BC secondary....DRINK TWO

If a BC receiver completely burns the FSU secondary. DRINK FOURTEEN

If you see an FSU fan at Alumni Stadium tailgating, offer them a beer so that you can both commiserate on both of your failed seasons 

If Bobby Swiggert gets a catch. Finally, where the hell has he been? DRINK TWO

If your neighbors in your section complain about how cold the game is. HAND THEM YOUR FLASK AND TELL THEM TO MAN UP THIS IS FOOTBALL NOT POLO!!!!!

If Boston College's offensive line looks as dominant as they did against Maryland, continue drinking until they stop.

If the FSU front line keeps putting Chase Rettig on the ground. DRINK FIVE FOR THE POOR KID

If Frank Spaziani manages to mangle the two minute drill. Take a slow sip, you know this is going to happen. 

Chase Rettig throws a pass to where Colin Larmond Jr. should be....but he isn't there....DRINK TWO

If Deuce Finch trucks an FSU defender. DRINK THREE

If a BC fan asks you "Who the hell is Rolandan Finch?" POUR YOUR BEER ON THEM

If someone says to you, wow Ryan Quigley is a good punter. CRY AND DRINK WHATEVER YOU CAN

If Deuce Finch gets injured. DRINK ELEVENTYGILLION 

If you see Chief Osceola with a flaming spear, stop drinking. You might have drank too much

If BC gets blown out...drink....ah screw it you probably left at halftime anyways.

If BC wins and continues to #runthetable, call out sick from work...ITS TIME TO CELEBRATE BOOIIIII

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