Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl: Boston College vs. Nevada, Top 10 Reasons To Watch

Part of Hunger's Last Stand Week ...

Need a reason to watch a college football game called the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl on a Sunday night in mid-January? How about 10.


10. This is your second-to-last chance to watch college football for nine months. Let that news sink in a bit ...

9. The ACC is currently 4-4 in bowl games ... blah blah blah ... the conference needs BC to win in order to post their first bowl season winning record since 2005-06 ... blah blah blah. It's not like conference bowl game W-L records mean anything. Still, fans of other ACC programs should tune in to watch the Eagles get the conference back above .500. #ACCSolidarity.  

8. Your NFL team either sucks and didn't make the playoffs (like my team does), or they made the playoffs and aren't playing this weekend (Patriots, Falcons). So redeem your "4 hours of football a weekend" coupon to your girlfriend/wife/friend with benefits and enjoy some BC-Nevada football.  

7. The Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl is possibly the only college football matchup in history where both teams have offensive sets named after firearms. Though we haven't seen ours much this season. Maybe the Bazooka will make an appearance this weekend? See #4 below. 

6. Tackle-machine Luke Kuechly needs 23 tackles to break the single-season NCAA record for tackles, set by Texas Tech's Lawrence Flugence in 2002. Sounds crazy, but consider that Kuechly topped the 20-tackle mark twice already this season, and had 16 in last year's bowl game (earning him Emerald Bowl Defensive MVP honors)

5. It's the nation's third-ranked rushing offense against the nation's top unit against the run. The creator of the "Pistol" offense and offensively-minded head coach against a long-time defensive coordinator now HC. Should be an interesting chess match between these two units.

4. It's likely the last college football game coached by OC Gary Tranquill. Might as well go out with a bang and open up the playbook, eh Gary?

3. Hunger sucks, and fighting it is cool.   

2. Non-football related reason! Meet Ted Williams -- not the baseball player, but the "golden voiced" homeless man from Ohio who is getting a second chance. If you haven't already, go watch this video now. I'll wait ...


Amazing, right?

Williams, who was panhandling on I-71 in Columbus just a few days ago, will now be the voice of Kraft Macaroni & Cheese. His first ad for Mac & Cheese will premier on Sunday during the Kraft Fight Hunger bowl. If nothing else, watch this game for Mr. William's debut. 

And the number 1 reason to watch ...

1. It's cancer conquerer Mark Herzlich's last game in the maroon and gold. You don't support cancer, do you? So support Mark by watching his final game as an Eagle before he goes off and dominates the pros like he dominated cancer.

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